Modeling and analysis from NREL transportation researchers showed that a small commercial fishing vessel named I Gotta could be retrofitted with a hybrid battery-diesel system. The boat will make history as one of the first low-emissions fishing vessels ever deployed in Alaska. Photo by Eric Jordan via NREL

Battery-Electric Fishing Vessel Marks A Sea Change For Small Commercial Fishers

On a brisk morning this fall, a 46-foot commercial fishing boat will cruise into the cold waters of Sitka, Alaska, and cut the diesel engine. In that moment of near silence, an electric motor will whir to life. This moment will mark a sea change for Sitka’s small-boat commercial fishing … [continued]

Taking Flight With The Candela C-8

Silence is golden. Noise makes our bodies tense up. It’s stressful. We value the lack of noise far more when coming from a loud environment into a quieter place. Going from the city into the countryside, we notice how peaceful things are. We breathe deeper and feel more connected with … [continued]