Wang Chuanfu

Photo by Zach Shahan | CleanTechnica

Charlie Munger Trash Talks Elon Musk On BYD–Tesla Battle

In the investment world, Charlie Munger is well known as Warren Buffett’s highly successful right-hand man. The two are legends in the financial investment industry. But, naturally, Buffett gets the bulk of the praise and attention. There was one big investment that was reportedly outside the normal process for the … [continued]

BYD’s Order Backlog: ~700,000 Vehicles

I recently wrote about Tesla’s rather enormous order backlog — estimated to be ~457,000 vehicles. Since then, I’ve seen coverage of BYD’s estimated order backlog, and it’s even bigger. According to CnEVPost, BYD’s order backlog has reached around 700,000 vehicles. BYD CEO Wang Chuanfu reportedly informed local reporters of the figure. … [continued]

China × Cleantech — April 2021

Welcome to China × Cleantech — April 2021 edition. Our China x Cleantech series covers top cleantech stories in China each month. EV Sales 11% Plugin Vehicle Share In China! On the 23rd of April, José Pontes reported on the sales numbers of the Chinese EV market in March of 2021. … [continued]