Volkswagen (VW)

The erection of PV panels underway in the employee car park. From left: Nick Chapman, Graham Partington, Reabetsoe Kgoedi, Michael Petrie, Ntsapokazi Ningiza, Albert Brand and Deon Nel. Image courtesy of VWGA.

Volkswagen Group Africa Adds 3 MW Solar PV Carport At Its Kariega Car Factory

Volkswagen Group Africa has reiterated its commitment to using renewable energy. Volkswagen Group Africa says transitioning to renewable energy is more than just a means to avoid the disruptive effects of power outages for Volkswagen Group Africa (VWGA), but rather a conscious step towards reducing the environmental impact of fossil … [continued]

Image provided courtesy of Volkswagen

Can Invoking Nostalgia Attract More Consumers To Electric Vehicles?

The Covid-19 pandemic has produced residual mental health effects: people experienced a high level of isolation and anxiety, which continues to deteriorate their overall sense of well-being. Powerlessness has become a common experience in everyday life, and in reaction to an unpredictable future, people are embracing nostalgia. Whether it is … [continued]