US renewable Energy

A map of the united states colored by wind speed at 100 meters above sea level on land off the coastlines. Wind resources at 100 meters above the ground

U.S. Department of Energy Establishing National Center of Excellence to Accelerate Domestic Offshore Wind Industry

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced it is investing $4.75 million to establish a new national center of excellence to accelerate reliable and equitable offshore wind energy deployment across the nation. The Academic Center for Reliability and Resilience of Offshore Wind (ARROW), led by the University of Massachusetts … [continued]

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This Leap Year, 4 Clean Energy Leaps To Watch For

When it comes to the transition to clean energy, 2023 was quite a year for progress: record-breaking amounts of solar installed in the United States, a solid drop in carbon emissions from the US power sector, more than one million electric vehicles sold in the country for the first time, “breakneck” growth in renewable energy globally, and more. … [continued]

Data source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Preliminary Monthly Electric Generator Inventory, January 2023

Wind, Solar, & Batteries Increasingly Account for More New U.S. Power Capacity Additions

Wind, solar, and battery storage are growing as a share of new electric-generating capacity each year. In 2023, these three technologies account for 82% of the new, utility-scale generating capacity that developers plan to bring online in the United States, according to our Preliminary Monthly Electric Generator Inventory. Utility-scale solar … [continued]