Tony Seba

Goldilocks Climate Policy

After hearing Elon Musk’s views on climate change a few days ago, which were surprisingly moderate and similar to my views, I started to wonder if there is a path to improve climate policy that Republicans and Democrats could agree on, a sort of Goldilocks climate policy. Recent Pew polling … [continued]

Tony Seba Launches Short Film Series

RethinkX co-founders James Arbib and Tony Seba are launching a new eight-part short film series based on the book Rethinking Humanity: Five Foundational Sector Disruptions, the Lifecycle of Civilizations, and the Coming Age of Freedom. In order to make these ideas accessible to a wider audience, RethinkX has produced a … [continued]

Tony Seba Strikes Again

I have been a fan of Tony Seba for some time. I have watched his presentations on YouTube, read his book (Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation, 2014) and devoured his reports. His latest one tends to be a compilation of his previous dissertations on disruptions and the speed with … [continued]