Tesla Model S battery

Tesla Changes Model S & X Trims & Pricing, Drops Names Based On Battery Sizes

Tesla moments ago rolled out a change to its online vehicle configuration tool for the Model S and Model X. As Tesla CEO Elon Musk implied last year, the company has done away with any mention of the battery size in the vehicle name or description. Instead, they are describing the vehicle options in terms of the thing we care about — range. As a special bonus, the pricing on every build in the lineup has been dropped a bit, giving buyers a bit more bang for their buck across the board.

Show Me the Data: The Truth About Tesla Battery Degradation

The largest single chunk of the cost of a Tesla is the battery, which also poses a single point of failure risk for Tesla owners. Buyers are typically not worried about an event-based failure, even though fires could certainly be a concern, but rather about the degradation of the battery over the life of the vehicle. With EV drivetrains expected to last much longer than their fossil fuel–fired counterparts, the life expectancy of the battery becomes a looming maintenance expense waiting to hit and has everyone asking, “How long will it last?”

A Tale of 3 Battery Packs

The Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, and Tesla Model S use different batteries, and different battery packs. But how are they constructed, and why are they constructed as they are? First, let’s start with the shape. The shape of a Leaf pack is not flat, but it hides under the seats … [continued]