Tesla Model S Has 430,000 Miles On One Battery

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One of the many false claims EV critics, trolls, and FUD-whackers make is that somehow EV batteries just magically and suddenly stop working after a while. Their falsely claimed “die-off distance” might be when the EV has about 50,000 or 70,000 miles. A second part to their false claim about batteries wearing out quickly and dying is that the replacement would cost $60,000. This too is false and even more ludicrous.

Recently, I watched a YouTube video on the AutoTrader channel about a Tesla Model S that has 430,000 miles on it using just one battery — and it’s still going. That distance, of course, is far, far beyond 50,000 miles or 70,000 miles, and there has been no need for an overly expensive battery replacement. (Note: the Model S in the featured image above is not the UK Tesla Model S with well over 400,000 miles. An image of that one was not available.)

If you watch the video, the guy who owns the Model S with over 400,000 miles on it has another one just like it because he runs a taxi company. The second Model S has about 375,000 miles on it, also on just one battery. (He said both cars are all original, which I take to mean the second also has the same battery it came with.)

The owner says for the Model S with 430,000 miles there has been some battery degradation equivalent to losing about 65 miles of range. That is on a battery with 430,000 miles on it. (Fuel economy of gas-powered vehicles can decline over time as well. However, the anti-EV crowd never, or rarely, mentions this fact.)

The Tesla with well over 400,000 miles logged also still has the original motor.

If you read the video’s user comments, they echo the Model S owner’s comments about longevity and low ownership costs.

“My S90D is nearby the 300,000 miles, original battery pack too! best car ever.”

“My 2017 Model S has 260,000+ miles. Original battery and original motors. Feel like a new car especially with free software and features update every now and then. Never a car offers new and free features like this in the auto industry.  Very glad that I made the purchase 7 years ago. Thanks God.”

“Not only do EV batteries last way longer and degrade way less than the mainstream media would like you to believe, but also battery replacement costs are rapidly coming down due to falling battery prices. Replacing a Tesla battery is down to ~10k at this point and will only be ~5k in 3–5 years.”

My 2014 Model S has 135,000 miles and it is on the original battery. I road trip often and supercharge it 95% of the time. The battery is still retaining 87% of its original capacity. 265 miles range new, current range ( 2024 ) 233 miles. Charging between 20%–80% mostly.”

The misinformed EV critics and skeptics who repeatedly say EV batteries die after a couple years of use are clearly quite incorrect.

AutoTrader UK is the UK’s largest automotive digital marketplace. It is not an environmental advocacy organization, so as an information source, it cannot be dismissed for having  a “green” bias. The AutoTrader UK website features both gas-powered and electric vehicles.

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