Xpansiv Managed Solutions Tops 100,000 Solar Power Systems, 1.5GW Capacity

NEW YORK, LONDON, SYDNEY — Xpansiv, the leading market infrastructure provider for the global energy transition, has announced its Managed Solution business has surpassed 100,000 solar power systems and 1.5GW of renewable energy capacity, further establishing its position as the largest independent technology platform for managing and selling solar renewable … [continued]

Image co-created by DALL.E and Carolyn Fortuna/ CleanTechnica

GM’s Electric Vehicle Transition Needed “More Time In Planning & Risk Assessment”

General Motors (GM) faltered in 3 important areas in 2023: manufacturing electric vehicles (EVs), making sense of its self-driving division called Cruise, and addressing software issues. CEO Mary Barra spoke about these and other major disappointments during last week’s Wolfe Research Global Auto and Auto Tech Conference. Taking what seems like a … [continued]

There Will Be Blood — Peter Mertens, Former Head of Audi R&D: “We All Did…

I write this article full of anger as a German about the German auto industry. The Octopus is one of the most fascinating and intelligent animals in our seas. Scientists predict that if they didn’t die that early after the new generation is born, because of their ability to learn, they would be “the humans of the sea,” dominating all other sea animals large and small, just like humans do on soil.