$10 Million More For Low Cost LEDs

The price of a typical high efficiency LED light bulb has been falling off the cliff lately, and it’s going to take another steep dive because the Energy Department has just chipped in $10.5 million for a new push to get more low cost LEDs into more sockets. The money … [continued]

Title Image Credit: LG


LG Electronics released their “groundbreaking” new CURVED OLED TV in the US last week, and it is the first OLED HDTV to be officially ENERGY STAR certified. According to LG, “the 55-inch class LG CURVED OLED TV combines energy efficiency with the highest levels of picture quality and design to deliver … [continued]

Stretchable OLEDs

We’ve written about OLEDs (full name: Organic Light Emitting Diodes) a few times on CleanTechnica, including their flexible potential and some work in Germany to bring down their costs. Ernest Beck recently had an interesting piece on ecomagination on the breakthrough work of some OLED researchers from UCLA that we’ve … [continued]