Estimating the Growth of Electric Vehicles & Tesla Sales, an Exploration of S-Curves

In this special report from CleanTechnica reader and data analyst David Gines, we get a high-quality, professional, useful exploration of exponential growth of EV sales — Tesla’s sales, Norway’s EV sales, and broader regional and global EV sales. By David Gines, an electrical engineer specializing in algorithms for data analysis … [continued]

Climeworks’ proposed Norway site, image credit: Climeworks

Climeworks Wins Funding For Direct Air Capture & Storage In Norway

Climeworks, the company responsible for the world’s first and largest Direct Air Capture and Storage (DAC+S) plant in Iceland, has been awarded €2.3 million by Enova, a state enterprise owned by Norway’s Ministry of Climate and Environment. The multi-million euro boon for the world leader in DAC facilities will fund … [continued]