National Climate Assessment

Photo by Carolyn Fortuna | CleanTechnica

Interior Department Announces $195 Million for America’s National Parks through President Biden’s Investing in America…

Inflation Reduction Act investments will benefit people, wildlife and local economies for generations to come WASHINGTON — The Department of the Interior today announced a $195 million investment from President Biden’s Investing in America agenda for climate restoration and resilience projects over the next decade, protecting America’s national parks for generations … [continued]

Silencing Science: Trump Campaign Tries To Quash Anthropogenic Connection To Climate Crisis

In a podcast by, a story is told of a scientist, Maria Caffrey, PhD, of the University of Colorado, Boulder, who works with the US Park Service. She did a four-year study of the potential impact of climate crisis on 118 national parks in 2030, 2050, and 2100. It was finished in late 2016 just before Donald Trump ascended to the presidency (after losing the vote by nearly 3,000,000 votes).

Long-Term Coastal Flood Risk Ratings Debut Online

A new venture out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has come up with a valuable yet low-cost way to help individuals, communities, business, and government coastal locations get climate-ready and storm-safe. It also enables real estate brokers, home inspection services, and financial institutions that underwrite or package mortgages to improve the quality … [continued]