How to Build EV Charging for All: Why You’re More Likely to Get an Electric…

Originally published on By John Schroeder  Electrifying transportation is crucial to limiting global warming to 1.5°C. Unfortunately, early EVs and their charging infrastructure have been concentrated in wealthy areas — and have therefore not been broadly accessible. To make the EV transition more inclusive we must bring EV chargers to low-income … [continued]

What We Learned from 100 Million Miles of Ridehailing Data

Transportation network company (TNC) fleets, like Uber and Lyft in America, Didi in China, and Ola in India, may account for a relatively small share of the number of total automobiles on the road globally. But don’t let that fool you. Electrifying ridehailing has outsized potential to reduce emissions and catalyze electrification in other transportation sectors.

GM Carsharing Service Maven Launches In Los Angeles, San Francisco, & Denver

GM’s carsharing service, Maven, has expanded into the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Denver markets in recent days. The expansion means that the Maven carsharing service is now available in 13 different cities — the 3 aforementioned cities + Boston, Chicago, Jersey City (New Jersey), Baltimore, New York City, San Diego, Washington DC, Orlando (Florida), Detroit, and Ann Arbor (Michigan).