Los Angeles

2024 Fiat 500e inspired by Los Angeles.

New Fiat 500e Drop: ‘Inspired By Los Angeles’

La Dolce Vita Meets the American Dream: FIAT Brand Debuts All-New 2024 Fiat 500e for North America — 100 Percent Electric, 100 Percent Italian New Fiat 500e Inspired By Los Angeles model features exclusive Marine Layer Mist exterior color, reminiscent of the coastal marine layer that swathes LA beaches in … [continued]

California Home to Two ZEV Firsts: Nation’s First Solar-Powered EV Truck Stop, World’s Largest Amazon…

Sacramento, California — In just the last three days, California has seen two firsts related to zero-emission vehicles: the nation’s first solar-powered electric truck charging depot and Amazon’s largest electric truck fleet in any country. The two milestones illustrate Governor Gavin Newsom’s commitment to building more, faster to achieve California’s world-leading climate … [continued]

Photo of Stuart, FL water retention features by Carolyn Fortuna/ CleanTechnica

Here’s How Your City Can Go “Spongy” & Hold Back Flooding

One of the many consequences of the climate crisis is increasing flood threats. For cities to prevent flooding, they need to be designed like giant sponges that allow water to drain away safely. In its simplest iteration, a spongy city has planned green areas and permeable surfaces that absorb water … [continued]