London Electric Vehicle Company

Electric Camper Vans? Yes, Please!

As electric powertrains and batteries increase in scale globally, production costs come down, which opens up new markets for competitive electric vehicles. That means new markets geographically and it also means new markets in terms of vehicle classes and uses. While we’re still in the early days, one hot trend … [continued]

1st New TX London Electric Taxi Handed Over To London Cabbie

There is a contented smile of satisfaction on David Harris’s face as he looks over his stunning, quiet taxi, considered the world’s most advanced electric taxi. Black cab driver David Harris was the first cabbie to receive the keys to LEVC’s (London EV Company’s) new TX electric taxi. His first fare-paying passenger had the pleasure of smooth top-of-the-line transit. Besides the significant environmental savings, there is fresher air inside and out. I am sure the ride is considerably smoother than the norm as well.

Harris, a former professional tennis player, has been a driver for 21 years. He expects to save several hundred pounds a month in overall running costs versus his old diesel cab.

London Electric Vehicle Company May Already Have 2nd Overseas Market Lined Up For New Electric…

The London Electric Vehicle Company came to terms with interested parties in Amsterdam (Netherlands) a couple of months back to sell and deploy some 225 units of the company’s new extended-range electric cab — with the deal set to represent the first deployment outside of London of the new electric version of the city’s iconic black cabs. That deal will see the electric cabs deployed as a component in a service to transport disabled and/or elderly people.