All-Electric Fiat 500 Dolce Vita, Turin City Fleet Goes Electric, 22,637 BYD Seal Pre-Orders — EV News Today

Nothing imbues the sweet romantic life like a Fiat breezing through Italy, especially if it’s the New 500 (fully electric).

The elegance of the new LEVC electric taxi (as the more utilitarian electric VN5 van) now offers better fleet management through the MyGeotab dash.

The City of Turin recently enjoyed the arrival of 100 XEV YOYO city cars to help the fleet go electric. Meanwhile, Einride landed its largest deal to date, with 110 units of the electric heavy-duty vehicles on order.

And there’s much more. Scroll down below.

Electric Car News

LEVC introduces integrated telematics solution on all new vehicles in new partnership with Geotab

LEVC electric VN5 van.

“LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company) has engaged in a new partnership with the global leader in IoT and connected transportation, Geotab, providing state-of-the-art fleet management systems on its class-leading electric TX taxi and VN5 van.

LEVC introduces integrated telematics solution on all new vehicles in new partnership with Geotab.

“LEVC is giving customers 12 months complimentary access to the MyGeotab dashboard (worth £300 per vehicle per year) with every new LEVC vehicle — available through the reseller partner, TMC.

“David Savage, Geotab Vice President, UK & Ireland, said: ‘Geotab understands that data isn’t much use without context. By focusing on analysis and visualization, LEVC’s customers will spend less time measuring and more time improving productivity and enhancing safety. Our integration with LEVC means their next generation of taxis and vans will be true connected vehicles, visible in MyGeotab from almost anywhere in the world. It has been great to see their commitment to meeting customer needs, as well as the safety of both driver and passenger throughout our work together, and we are excited for the future of our partnership.'”

The New 500 celebrates Italian beauty with the new “Dolce Vita by Design” campaign

The New All-Electric Fiat — Dolce Vita by design series

“Italians really love Dolce Vita, what more is there to know? New 500 embodies Fiat’s new idea of Dolce Vita: electric mobility, high performances and great innovations. Are you ready to find out where we can take you?”

“The Italian dolce vita will thus be seen all its splendor, and the elegance of this one-of-a-kind lifestyle gets perfectly represented by the iconic style of FIAT’s most precious jewel which was created in 1957 and is still a symbol of Design Made in Italy. Today, in the face of a greater push towards green mobility, the New 500 offers an innovative, 100% electric powertrain which guarantees enjoyment, sustainability, and efficiency. It is therefore the perfect city car and available to those who care both about the environment and a modern and distinct design.”

Lancia Renaissance starts today. “From 2026 only 100% electric vehicles will be offered, while from 2028 only 100% electric vehicles will be sold.”

Eni’s Enjoy fleet goes electric in the City of Turin with the arrival of 100 XEV YOYO city cars

“Lancia’s ten-year plan will begin in 2024 with the new Lancia Ypsilon, which will be around 4-meters long, belonging to the B segment and will be launched with a 100% electrified powertrain. In 2026, the new flagship will arrive, 4.6-meter long and will allow the brand to enter into the largest segment in Europe. 2028 will be the year of the new 4.4-meters long ‘Delta’, a sculpted and muscular car, with geometric lines, which will attract car enthusiasts throughout Europe.”

Eni’s Enjoy fleet goes electric in the City of Turin with the arrival of 100 XEV YOYO city cars.

“These three new models will cover 50% of the market and will have the duty to contribute to the improvement of Stellantis performance in its premium and luxury cluster, as laid out in the ‘Dare Forward 2030’ Stellantis strategic plan.

“A ten-year plan with a clear electrification strategy, from 2026 the brand will only launch 100% electric models and from 2028 will solely sell 100% electric models. Great attention to the electrification process, but not only. In addition, a wide use of innovative materials will make Lancia the Stellantis brand with the highest percentage of recycled material, with 50% of touchable surfaces made from eco-sustainable materials in order to contribute to building a better world for future generations.”

BYD Seal pre-sold 22,637 vehicles as of 22:00 on May 20

“On May 21, a reporter from Shanghai Securities News learned from BYD that as of 22:00 on May 20, BYD Seals had pre-sale orders for 22,637 vehicles.”

Scania and Einride sign deal to accelerate electrification of road freight with fleet of 110 trucks

“Einride’s order is the largest deal to date of electric heavy-duty vehicles in Europe for Scania. It is also only the beginning of a new long-term partnership that will contribute to both companies’ ambition to scale up electric road freight: ‘We share the same vision of decarbonising heavy transport. It has been rewarding to work with Einride on joint new technical solutions and digital services that will sustainably advance our industry’, says Fredrik Allard, Head of E-Mobility, Scania.

“The fleet of 110 Scania trucks will be implemented throughout Europe during 2022 and the first half of 2023.”

EV Battery News

Cooperation in battery technology: Daimler Truck acquires stake in German high-tech machinery manufacturer Manz — both companies agree on strategic partnership

Marelli launches its Wireless Distributed Battery Management System

Role of the Battery Management System, which is a core and smart component in the complex architecture of the EV energy management.

EV Charging News

Industry calls for chargepoint ‘van plan’ to switch owners to electric

“Persuading van drivers to switch to zero emission vehicles is essential if Britain is to become Net Zero while keeping the nation on the move. Vans directly support around one in 10 workers in Britain, acting as the essential workhorse for sectors such as construction and industry, trades such as plumbers, landscapers and cleaners, and home delivery services which grew rapidly during the pandemic.2 With more than four million vans on the road, electrifying the fleet will substantially reduce the UK’s transport-related carbon emissions, while also delivering cleaner air in cities. Those who switch can enjoy lower running costs, promote their environmental credentials and demonstrate sustainability when bidding for work.”

The TALAKO pilot system with six inductive charging stations

“The TALAKO pilot system with six inductive charging stations will be presented on May 20th, 2022 at 11 a.m. as part of the polisMOBILITY: Moving Cities trade fair at the taxi stand on Dompropst-Ketzer-Straße, 50667 Cologne by Henriette Reker (Mayor of the City of Cologne), Achim Südmeier (Head of Sales RheinEnergie AG) and prof dr Heike Proff (Chair of ABWL & International Automotive Management at the University of Duisburg-Essen) officially opened.”

Urban-Air Port Powers Up: Osprey selected as a preferred EV charging provider for future network of advanced air mobility hubs

Urban-Air Port will provide onsite EV charging as part of its non-aeronautical revenue.

AI News

NI deploys vehicle fleet for ADAS research, improved workflow and data management

Clearview AI fined in UK for illegally storing facial images