The World’s First “100% Renewable” Grid

Originally published by the ECOreport Younicos has just announced that construction of the world’s first “100% renewable” grid is underway. The battery storage comes from Leclanché’s lithium-ion technology and manufacturing plant in Germany. According to Leclanché CEO Anil Srivastava, this will be the first time “a one megawatt-scale power system is being stabilized using … [continued]

Storage News: Leclanché Will Supply Ontario One Of World’s Largest Energy Storage Systems

Swiss battery manufacturer Leclanché has been selected by Hecate Canada Storage II, LLP, an emerging Canadian Project Development and Electrical Systems Integrator, to deliver a 13 MW/53 MWh energy storage system. The system will stand as one of the largest grid ancillary storage services projects in North America. According to Solar … [continued]