ABB E-mobility Terra 184 charger at Circle K in Wytheville, Virginia. Image provided by Circle K.

Fisker & Circle K Show Us That EV Charging & Battery Swapping Continue To Compete

Battery swapping and DC fast charging are two distinct methods for addressing the charging needs of electric vehicles (EVs). Each method has its own advantages, offering unique solutions to overcome challenges in the EV ecosystem. Battery swapping involves replacing an EV’s depleted battery with a fully charged one. This approach … [continued]

Fisker Ocean in Big Sur Blue Matte at Rabbit Lake sliding in dirt.

Fisker Delivers 1st Ocean SUV

In a press release, Fisker announces that the first customer has taken delivery of the brand-new Fisker Ocean all-electric SUV. It has been 10 years since Henrik Fisker’s first attempts to conquer a piece of the electrified future had to fold, and just 2 years after several celebrities including Denmark’s … [continued]

Fisker Ocean; Exterior Shot; 2023; Fisker Inc.

Fisker’s WLTP Range Rating Is Impressive, But Might Seem Unrealistic. Here’s How To Achieve It…

CleanTechnica has been following the Fisker Ocean for a while. It’s an interesting design by an interesting company, so what else could you ask for as a writer? Well, one thing you might ask for is video, which is something we’ve done about the Ocean, too! In our first impressions … [continued]