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China Electric Vehicle Sales Jump 175%, Up To 4.8% Of Auto Market In January!

February 24th, 2019 | by Jose Pontes

Traditionally, January, along with February, are the two slowest months in the Chinese plug-in vehicle market, but tradition is not what it used to be. Even with disruption hitting the Chinese automotive market (the mainstream market was down 18% last month), plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) sales were up an amazing 175% year over year (YoY), to some 96,000 registrations

The Porsche Cayenne PHEV Soars To #3 In Europe, Electric Car Sales Up 42%

September 29th, 2018 | by Jose Pontes

The European passenger plug-in market grew slightly above average last month (42% in August vs 41% year to date). The continent registered some 30,000 plug-in cars, pulling the year-to-date (YTD) count to some 242,000 deliveries and pushing the 2018 market share to 2.3%. For the month of August, the market share was 2.7%

New BYD Tang #1 in August in China — China Electric Car Sales Report

September 28th, 2018 | by Jose Pontes

The Chinese plug-in vehicle (PEV) market hit its second best score this year, with some 93,000 units registered in August. However, it was up only 62%. This is a slowdown from the three-digit growth rates of previous months, and is explained by the fact that "new energy vehicle" subsidies were slashed for vehicles with range lower than 150 km. That happened in June, resulting in many small city EVs losing a large number of sales

Perspective, yo

September 26th, 2018 | by Zachary Shahan

Something I've long struggled with in this industry is the issue of perspective. In particular, I find perspective is often lacking in media coverage of climate and cleantech topics

BMW & Porsche Shine In Germany — German Electric Car Sales Report

September 24th, 2018 | by Jose Pontes

The German plug-in vehicle (PEV) passenger car market grew 23% in August, to 5,888 registrations, with BEVs growing slower (+13%) than PHEVs (+31%). In 2018, fully electrics saw their share drop slightly to 0.9% share, while plug-in hybrids remained stable at 1%, making the total PEV share now 1.9%

US BMW 3 & 4 Series Sales Roll Down Hill

September 20th, 2018 | by Zachary Shahan

Cover your eyes if you don't want to see something nasty. Following this sentence are two charts showing a clear collapse of BMW 3 Series sales in the

Tesla Model 3 Sales Dwarf Other US Electric Car Sales — #CleanTechnica Report

August 27th, 2018 | by Zachary Shahan

I've been reporting monthly US electric car sales for years. My monthly report has often been one of the most popular stories of the month here on CleanTechnica. However, unless something changes, I've concluded it's time to stop — or to take a break — from these US EV sales reports. There are 4 core reasons why

Europe’s Electric Car Sales Up 30% In July — #CleanTechnica Report

August 27th, 2018 | by Jose Pontes

The European passenger plug-in market slowed down a bit to enjoy the holiday season, registering some 27,000 registrations in July. That's an increase of 30% compared to the same period last year. It pulled the year-to-date count to some 212,000 deliveries (+41% YoY), while the 2018 EV market share remained stable at 2.2%, which, incidentally, was the same market share registered in July

Europe Electric Car Sales Up 37% In June — #CleanTechnica Report

July 30th, 2018 | by Jose Pontes

The European passenger plug-in market continues pushing forward. In June, the continent registered some 38,000 plug-in electric vehicles (PEV), up 37% relative to the same period last year and the continent's second best performance ever. That showing pulled the year-to-date (YTD) count to some 185,000 deliveries (+43% year over year, or YoY). In total, the 2018 PEV market share of the overall car market there is up to 2.2% (2.4% in June)

China Electric Car Sales Up 77% In June — #CleanTechnica Report

July 29th, 2018 | by Jose Pontes

The Chinese plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) market lifted off the accelerator, with some 78,000 units registered in June, up only 77%. This slowdown from the three-digit growth rates of previous months is explained by the fact that, in June, "new energy" subsidies were slashed to vehicles with ranges lower to 150 km. That means most small "city EVs" stopped being sold, draining a significant percentage of sales

Tesla Model 3, Model X, & Model S = #1, #2, #3 In US Electric Car Sales

July 9th, 2018 | by Zachary Shahan

Let's get the biggest matter out of the way right off the bat: no one outside of Tesla really has a clue as to how many Model 3s were delivered in the US in each month of Q2. Yes, we have a Model 3 delivery total from Tesla for the quarter as a whole, but the company doesn't break that down by month or region. For a while, the slowly growing ramp allowed us to estimate without too much difficulty, but a few things changed in May and June

Peeking Behind Tesla’s Labor Curtain

July 1st, 2018 | by Eric Kosak

In the last two articles (that I wrote exclusively for CleanTechnica), I explored Tesla’s break-even level and its cost of capital. On this occasion, I would like to explore Tesla’s cost of labor

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