EV fleets

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The Radisson Blu Hotel Partners With HBT Transport In Nairobi To Introduce A Fleet of…

Fleet operators, such as shuttle service providers for airport transfers and other players who drive a lot of kilometers per day, stand to benefit the most from lower operation and maintenance costs associated with electric vehicles, thereby enjoying a lower total cost of ownership. They also benefit from access to … [continued]

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Electrification 101: How Fleets & Utilities Can Work Together to Unlock Electrified Transportation

Fleets and utilities can become leaders in the emerging vehicle electrification space by working together to drive proactive grid investments. The Electrification 101 series explores the challenges and opportunities that a rapidly electrifying transportation sector presents for the power grid, offering solutions to support proactive grid planning for oncoming EV … [continued]

Farmers Brittany Staie (left) and Kailey Littlehorn (right) of Sprout City Farms harvest beans at Jacks’s Solar Garden. Photo by Werner Slocum, NREL.

U.S. DOE Welcomes New Round of Innovative Leaders to Peer-Learning Cohorts on Emerging Clean Energy…

Participants From Municipalities, Tribes, and Community-Based Organizations Will Convene for Six Months To Learn From Each Other and Experts About Agrivoltaics, Residential Energy Efficiency Programs, and Electrifying Municipal Fleets The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced a new round of leaders from 45 entities that will collaborate on common … [continued]

Two Communities Find Electric Vehicle Options That Meet Local Goals Through Clean Energy To Communities

When the Board of Commissioners for Washtenaw County, Michigan, approved a climate action plan in 2022, the county was uncertain what implementation steps it needed to take—and how to pay for all of it. Limited staff, financing, resources, and data meant the county’s fleet management team “needed help in any … [continued]