EV awareness

Survey: 60% Of Americans Aren’t Aware Of Plug-in Electric Vehicles … At All

Editor’s Note: It has long been my opinion that the #1 barrier to much broader electric car adoption right now is simply lack of awareness with EVs + lack of experience with EVs. With full understanding regarding plug-in electric cars and the specific models on the market right now, I’m convinced we would have several times more electric cars on the road. However, raising awareness is slow, even with the firepower of Tesla and Elon Musk at your back. Getting people into EVs and thinking about life with EVs is even more challenging. But word of mouth is powerful once it picks up momentum, and I don’t doubt that it will with EVs. For the time being, though, we have the findings below, and yet another reason to go buy a CleanTechnica and/or EV Obsession t-shirt and mug. 😀