electric 3-wheelers

Apé E-City FX Max (Passenger Version), Image courtesy of Alex Mwanzo

Car & General Launches Piaggio Electric 3-Wheelers in Kenya

A visit to Kenya’s coastal towns such as Malindi, Kilifi, Watamu, Diani, and of course the city of Mombasa always fascinates people with the large number of tuk-tuks buzzing around everywhere. The noise from their internal combustion engines can be quite overwhelming, but these vehicles play an important role in … [continued]

EVs To Revolutionize Postal Services, & More

Parcel and Postal Expo is the largest event for courier services in Europe and it is taking place in Amsterdam this year. What is different is the new emphasis placed on e-mobility — not only EVs, but also charging infrastructure. Having followed the trade show for a few years now, the shift is visible and e-mobility has never played such a significant role here before. My role has also changed over the years and I am in Amsterdam today with two of my clients that I have the pleasure to provide with consulting services on EV solutions — Voltia and InPost. The big question: what’s on the horizon for electrified postal services?