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Let’s Change The Food Waste We Send To Landfills & Reduce Methane Emissions

In the US, food is the single most common material sent to landfills, comprising 24.1% of municipal solid waste. When food and other organic materials decompose in a landfill where anaerobic (without oxygen) conditions are present, bacteria break down the materials and generate methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Municipal solid … [continued]

Major League Baseball Goes Green

Baseball has long been considered America’s national pastime, but the efforts of one Major League Baseball team to reduce energy demand and the amount of garbage it sends to landfills could help make the sport one of America’s greenest pastimes.

energyNOW! correspondent Lee Patrick Sullivan visited the Seattle Mariners to find out how a novel sustainability program allows the team to recycle 82 percent of their trash, cut water use by 60 percent, save $1.2 million dollars in energy costs so far, and inspire their fans to become more environmentally friendly at home.