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Image courtesy CAISO

Time of Use Electricity Rate Plans Explained: Challenges & Solutions To Maximize Your Savings

Balancing extreme swings in supply and demand of electricity has become a huge challenge for utility companies. Net electricity demand plummets when solar production is at its peak. Then net demand spikes in the evening when solar is unavailable. To incentivize customers to change their energy habits, utilities are now … [continued]

Tesla Announces Simple Pricing On Commercial Solar, $1.01/Watt (Will Blow Some Minds)

Yesterday, Elon announced California customers can now order commercial sizes of solar power in 5 minutes at Instead of starting the process with a site survey or a roof inspection, Tesla just publishes this sizing guide and assumes the commercial customer knows the size of his or her roof. It isn’t about maximizing solar production, it is about simplifying the buying process. It’s easy to see the price per watt going down from $2.22 ($1.55 after the 30% federal tax credit) to $1.44 ($1.01 after tax credit).

Florida Lawmakers Act On Solar Amendment Approved By 72.6% Of Voters

Florida has many faces. One face strives to support clean energy and jobs being lit by the sun. In spite of the fact that a group of people cast their votes in this swing state toward a tragically absurd direction (choosing a political leader who is ecologically unaware, deaf, and blind), the state continues to move towards renewable growth — solar in particular. The Palm Beach Post reported that a bill to implement the constitutional amendment designed to expand the use of solar and other renewable energy devices is ready to go to Governor Rick Scott. It is now delivered to the governor’s desk. Time to act swiftly, governor.