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Published on May 12th, 2017 | by Cynthia Shahan


Florida Lawmakers Act On Solar Amendment Approved By 72.6% Of Voters

May 12th, 2017 by  

Florida has many faces. One face strives to support clean energy and jobs being lit by the sun. In spite of the fact that a group of people cast their votes in this swing state toward a tragically absurd direction (choosing a political leader who is ecologically unaware, deaf, and blind), the state continues to move towards renewable growth — solar in particular. The Palm Beach Post reported that a bill to implement the constitutional amendment designed to expand the use of solar and other renewable energy devices is ready to go to Governor Rick Scott. It is now delivered to the governor’s desk. Time to act swiftly, governor. 

Floridians grew momentum for solar energy and solar jobs when they voted for legislation that provides a renewable energy tax break to commercial and industrial properties. This amendment was approved by 72.6% of voters last August. 

“The tax break would be in place for 20 years and is an extension of a break already provided to residential properties. A selling point of the constitutional amendment was that it would make renewable-energy equipment exempt from state tangible personal property taxes,” The Palm Beach Post writes.

“The Senate initially voted 34–0 last week to approve the bill. The House then made changes before unanimously approving the bill Wednesday and sending it back to the Senate.”

US solar jobs are more numerous than oil+ gas extraction & pipeline sectors combined (as reported last winter). Solar power is also creating more jobs than oil, gas, and coal.

Data from The Solar Foundation supports the same trend on a state level. Solar employment increased by 1,700 jobs last year. That is an increase of about 25%. Florida’s solar industry employs more than 8,200 people, with growth year after year.

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Image: Commercial Solar Panels by Brilliant Harvest, Rooftop Solar by Cynthia Shahan



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