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Tesla Fremont Factory Tour Part 3 — Body Shop & General Assembly #CleanTechnicaTV

A few weeks ago, Tesla brought CleanTechnica inside its Fremont automotive factory in Northern California for a custom tour of its Model 3 production line and gave an exclusive look at its in-house seat factory a few blocks away. This week, we are launching our final video from our visit to the Fremont factory, where Chanan Bos takes us into Tesla’s body shop and general assembly areas.

Tesla Investor Conference Call — Model S & 3 & X Demand, Insurance, Financials, Gigafactories,…

Tesla announced its earnings for the first quarter of 2019 with its usual letter that summarizes the financial milestones hit and missed throughout the quarter. The highlight of Q1 2019 is clearly the fact that Tesla was not profitable for the first quarter since achieving profitability in Q3 of 2018, but the full story is much more complex than just the headlines that will populate the nightly news at all the usual mainstream media outlets.