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Hey folks, Kyle here. I started out here on CleanTechnica as a curious reader. I found myself coming back to the site again and again because I loved how they focused on presenting solutions instead of just talking about the problems related to climate change, air pollution, fossil fuels, and more. I’m here today to ask you (yes, you) to support CleanTechnica as a monthly supporter.

Giving the next generation the skills needed to keep our cars topped up. Image credit: Kyle Field | CleanTechnica

I’ve always been more focused on finding solutions, even making it a personal principle to not bring up a problem unless I am able to present a possible solution or two alongside my grievances.

Over the years, I adopted many of the solutions presented here on CleanTechnica in my own life. We added rooftop solar, bought an electric car, added more solar, bought another electric car, and on and on it went. Over the years, I wanted to do more to advocate for the solutions to the climate crisis and was thankfully offered the opportunity to join the team as a contributor.

Fast forward to today and we are still going at it as passionately as ever. CleanTechnica continues to cover the solutions to the climate crisis at as many different levels and angles as we can imagine. We cover solutions individuals can adopt today, like electric bikes, rooftop solar, and adding residential energy storage. Personal solutions have always been the most powerful for me, as seeing the impact a rooftop solar system makes on the electric bill, driving an EV to work every day, or switching to an e-bike for the daily commute resonate so much louder in our lives than changes at the city, workplace, or local park, for example.

Zach’s little munchkins are ready to tell the world about the benefits of driving electric. Image credit: Zach Shahan | CleanTechnica

Installing solar at home emboldened me to take a 6MW solar proposal to my place of work a few years ago, and though it was not implemented at the time, seeds were planted. Learning about biogas and the potential of biogas digesters led me to explore new ways of leveraging landfill waste gases and active digestion to dream up solutions for high-energy-density businesses.

Expanding our perspective and educating ourselves about the potential of new, clean technologies injects a level of positivity and passion that is contagious. Individual change can lead to a family cleaning up its carbon footprint, a neighborhood installing a community solar project, a company installing a bank of workplace EV chargers, and cities committing to 100% renewable energy. Change starts within each of us, and it is that singular fact that has kept me coming back to CleanTechnica all these years.

Drive electric! Image credit: Zach Shahan | CleanTechnica

We are passionate about the work we do here at CleanTechnica, but passion doesn’t pay the bills. For us to continue producing the content we do, covering the events we attend, and keeping the computer servers running that power this whole thing, we need money. We don’t have a sugar momma bankrolling this venture and would prefer not to flood the site with even more ads than we already have on it (in fact, we’d like to get rid of ads), so I’m here to ask for your support.

Joining forces with CleanTechnica with a monthly subscription of as little as $3/month lets us continue to focus on our written content, our new CleanTechnica YouTube channel, the Cleantech Talk Podcast, and fighting the FUD. Please consider subscribing to CleanTechnica to support the work we do. We also have some fun perks in the works, including member-only articles, free event tickets, and more.

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