ChatGPT & DALL-E generated panoramic image illustrating the metaphor of pH balance scales in a marine setting.

No, Dumping Tums In The Ocean Won’t Help Climate Change & Why Is Shopify Involved?

Geoengineering raised its misshapen head today. Someone tagged me on a post on LinkedIn related to a firm that wants to put a common antacid into the oceans to bond with carbon dioxide they’ve absorbed. I nerded out and am deeply skeptical about the entire thing. That’s a pity, as … [continued]

InPlanet Founder Felix Hartneck On Harnessing The Earth’s Natural CDR Processes Through Enhanced Rock Weathering

InPlanet is a German-Brazilian startup pioneering the use of Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW) as a method for large-scale carbon removals. Founded in August 2022, it recently completed a successful pre-seed funding round, securing backing from a range of international investors. InPlanet has also joined Carbonfuture’s Catalyst program and participated in … [continued]

Spinning Gold From Carbon

Avoiding the worst effects of the climate emergency is a hugely complex problem. Where can we store all the carbon we have been blowing into the atmosphere for years? ‘Just capture it, recycle or bury…’ Carbon Management is the popular magic word. But new technologies like carbon capture also show … [continued]