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Op-Ed: Is It Time To End The Elon Musk Fanboi Era?

The good readers and supporters of CleanTechnica support EVs, wind energy, solar power, batteries, and renewables technology, notwithstanding the several industry trolls who sometimes visit our comment section. We understand that the unquestionable primary leader for EVs in this period has been Elon Musk. To say that his contributions, along … [continued]

ChatGPT & DALL-E generated panoramic image illustrating the metaphor of pH balance scales in a marine setting.

No, Dumping Tums In The Ocean Won’t Help Climate Change & Why Is Shopify Involved?

Geoengineering raised its misshapen head today. Someone tagged me on a post on LinkedIn related to a firm that wants to put a common antacid into the oceans to bond with carbon dioxide they’ve absorbed. I nerded out and am deeply skeptical about the entire thing. That’s a pity, as … [continued]

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Pity The Poor Climate-Aware Billionaire Oligarchs

As we celebrate the passing of another year with the rituals of our religions, our families and our cultures, spare a thought for a poor benighted billionaires who are trying and failing miserably to address climate change. They have a place to stand, a lever long enough, yet cannot move … [continued]

ChatGPT & DALL-E generated panoramic image depicting an abandoned coal power plant with an illusory overlay of small modular nuclear reactors floating above it

What Drives This Madness On Small Modular Nuclear Reactors?

A few months ago, a STEM and economics literate global decarbonization executive for a $4 billion annual revenue logistics business operating in most of the major trading companies of the world asked me “What drives this madness on hydrogen?” They were being peppered with irrational proposals for the molecule and … [continued]

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Heirloom & AirLoom Prove that Cleantech Stupidity Often Repeats & Even Occasionally Rhymes

How much technological and economic idiocy can be jammed into a single week and why does it have to rhyme? Quite a lot it turns out and no idea. Two different clearly nonsensical purported climate solution technologies received far too much fawning press in the past few days. The first … [continued]