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World Needs To Mine 25× More Lithium By 2050

Decarbonizing transportation rests on scaling up electric vehicle production rapidly and massively, and that rests on scaling up battery mineral mining and refining. Batteries are also necessary to a greater and greater degree for scaling up renewable energy deployments in an efficient and effective manner. Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, a leading … [continued]

Ohio Can Lead The Electric Vehicle & Clean Energy Economy

Driven primarily by projected electric vehicle (EV) demand, the global lithium-ion battery industry and its associated supply chain have committed more than $600 billion in funding towards launching new electric vehicle models. This includes large-scale investment in mineral extraction, chemical processing, anode and cathode production, cell production, recycling facilities, and … [continued]

The EV Battery Metal Index

While many may think of lithium, cobalt, and maybe now nickel when they think of Tesla batteries, there are a lot more components that go into the creation of an electric vehicle’s battery. earlier this year launched its EV Battery Metals Index to specifically measure the value of metals that are used in batteries.