battery recycling

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How Recycling Batteries Could Help Us Keep Up With The Decarbonization Race

Coming Soon to a Grid Near You: Clean Energy (Batteries Not Included) Maybe you toss your spent batteries into a jar on your kitchen counter. Or maybe it is a corner of a junk drawer that slowly accumulates AA and D cells after your TV remotes, smoke alarms, and clocks … [continued]

The Private Sector Accounts For 89% of Announced American-Made Battery Investments

Announcements of private sector investments in American-made battery technologies have been increasing over the last few years, with 208 as of September 2023. There have also been 27 Federal investment announcements. The map below shows locations of new announcements of minerals extraction and processing, battery component manufacturing, battery cell manufacturing, … [continued]

How Are EV Batteries (Actually) Recycled?

Electric vehicle (EV) battery recycling is crucial to a sustainable, electrified transportation system. A substantial portion of key minerals for electrifying could come from recycled batteries by 2050, dramatically reducing the need for new mining. But how those batteries are recycled can make a big difference—we must use recycling processes with high … [continued]