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Renault Zoe & VW e-Golf Racing For #1 In Germany — #CleanTechnica EV Sales Report

After a positive October, the German plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) market slipped again in November, down 2% to 6,266 registrations. This is in the midst of a seismic change happening in the fuels mix, with full electrics (BEVs) jumping +41% YoY while plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) continue sinking (-39%). Full electrics now outsell plug-in hybrids by a decent margin, flipping the script on this market (68% share for BEVs in November).

The Cat In The Tesla — A Dr. Seuss–Inspired EV Guide

Today is my anniversary. No, not my marriage anniversary, but my 7 year EV anniversary. I was going to post a picture of our marriage certificate (purchase contract), but since I’ve traded in my Starter EV for a Trophy EV (same wife, different EV), the new car insisted we get rid of the reminders of the first relationship and I don’t have that. In honor of that 7 year journey, though, this article is a summary of EV life back then, EV life today, and a few competitive EVs.