Autonomous Vehicles

Image provided by Endera/ Sheraton San Diego via YouTube

Electric Shuttle Buses, Wireless Charging, Autonomous Service: Next Steps In Support Transport

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this week awarded nearly $900 million in rebates to help more than 500 school districts buy about 3,400 clean school buses — 92% of them electric. Electric buses and electric shuttle buses have enjoyed fast-growing adoption in recent years due to their potential benefits … [continued]

Nissan Demonstrates Autonomous-Drive Mobility Services Progress on Public Roads

YOKOHAMA, Japan — Nissan has commenced demonstrations of a prototype vehicle equipped with its in-house-developed, autonomous drive technologies — showcasing progress in its goal towards rolling out autonomous mobility services within fiscal year 2027. The Nissan LEAF prototype vehicle incorporates 14 cameras, 10 radars and 6 LIDAR sensors. It demonstrates … [continued]

NREL’s Open-Source Vehicle & Mobility Tools Offer Routes to Reduce Transportation Energy Use, Emissions

Tools Equip Stakeholders To Better Understand Travel Habits, Data, and Energy Consumption To Inform Transportation and Mobility Technology Advancements Energy efficiency and on-road performance are central to the future of transportation and the clean energy transition. The U.S. Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL’s) modeling and analysis tools … [continued]

Image from Renault Group

Autonomous Shuttles For Roland-Garros 2024: Renault Group To Launch An Ambitious Level 4 For Public…

Renault Group has chosen to approach the autonomous vehicle strategy in the years to come by separating expectations for individual vehicles from the needs of public transportation: For the individual vehicle: assistance rather than autonomy, with ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) at the top level of the market for even … [continued]

ChatGPT & DALL-E generated panoramic image of a cargo trike on an urban street with the rider in front and a big metal box on the back

Last Mile Delivery Is Standardizing With Two Cubic Meter Roro Boxes For E-Cargo Trikes

In the past year I’ve been observing a trend that’s on at least a couple of continents. Delivery trikes now come without boxes of their own. The boxes are separate and they get packed in distribution centers with the intent of being delivered to a pickup point for an electric … [continued]