Slide from presentation from seminar series with Indian utilities by author

Wind & Solar, But What Else? — India Edition Transcript

Under the auspices of the India Smart Grid Forum, the think tank founded as an umbrella organization over India’s 28 state utilities to provide thought leadership, share leading practices, and bring international insights to India, I’m delivering bi-weekly webinars framed by the Short List of Climate Actions That Will Work. With the … [continued]

ChatGPT & DALL-E generated panoramic image that metaphorically represents a flawed hydrogen strategy, with a quicksand foundation and stakeholders pushing in conflicting directions.

Ontario’s Hydrogen Approach Will Be A B-School Case Study In Failure

Not to be left behind as the world is spun in circles by hydrogen hype, Ontario published a hydrogen strategy in 2022. Recently it announced the first approved significant project, one that involves truckloads of hydrogen leaving Niagara Falls to be burned in a gas generator over 100 kilometers away. … [continued]

The World is Mobilizing Against Big Biomass This Week

Communities around the world will highlight that the production and export of forest-based biomass threatens communities and the climate. On Thursday, October 19th, individuals and organizations around the world will take part in an international day of action against “Big Biomass.” In demonstrations, briefings, and other actions spanning six continents, … [continued]