Community Solar

Sacramento City Unified School District uses solar panels to cover their bus fleet. Image by Sacramento City Unified School District, via SEIA.

No Roof, No Problem: How to Become a Solar Customer Without Installing Rooftop Solar Panels

In 2023, a record 800,000 Americans added solar to their homes. With increasing pressure on family budgets and the U.S. electricity grid, more Americans are turning to solar to take control of their energy needs. While not everyone can put a solar array on their roof, renters, condo owners, low-to-moderate income … [continued]

Anza Electric Cooperative's first solar array and investment in renewable energy, SunAnza.Image: Anza Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Success Story—Working with Co-ops to Increase Community Solar Access

Community solar projects provide individuals and communities who might not otherwise be able to afford or install solar panels the opportunity to benefit from solar energy without having to own a roof or provide upfront capital. But the majority—approximately three quarters—of U.S. community solar projects are concentrated in four states: … [continued]

Peacham Community Solar. Credit: YouTube

Community Solar Benefits Renters & Low Income Communities

A June study by researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory that analyzed data from 11 states found people who adopt community solar are 6.1 times more likely to live in multifamily buildings, are 4.4 times more likely to rent, and earn 23% less annual income than rooftop solar adopters, who tend to be more wealthy. In … [continued]

Casella Family Brands’ new solar facility in Yenda, NSW powered by Trina Solar modules + tracker. Image Credit: Casella Family Brands, photography by Vince Bucello.

New Battery Center in South Carolina, Athens Wants Electric Taxis, Solar Cleans Up Wine Country…

The green revolution is accelerating in Athens! By 2026, the city hopes to have ten times as many electric taxis on the road as there currently are. There are currently 13,661 taxis in Athens, and only 100 of them are electric. In solar news, a ramp-up of solar module production … [continued]

Image from Microsoft Copilot

Solar Neighborhoods in Detroit Choose Lightstar to Illuminate the Future with Innovative Neighborhood Agrivoltaic Solar

Through the Detroit Climate Strategy, the City of Detroit and the Mayor’s office have made progress toward sustainability. The plan, which was shaped by feedback from thousands of residents, stipulates that the city must switch to clean, renewable energy by 2034. “The Neighborhood Solar initiative is the first step toward … [continued]

Farmers Brittany Staie (left) and Kailey Littlehorn (right) of Sprout City Farms harvest beans at Jacks’s Solar Garden. Photo by Werner Slocum, NREL.

U.S. DOE Welcomes New Round of Innovative Leaders to Peer-Learning Cohorts on Emerging Clean Energy…

Participants From Municipalities, Tribes, and Community-Based Organizations Will Convene for Six Months To Learn From Each Other and Experts About Agrivoltaics, Residential Energy Efficiency Programs, and Electrifying Municipal Fleets The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced a new round of leaders from 45 entities that will collaborate on common … [continued]