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Rooftop solar systems on commercial buildings, parking lots, and garages could lower emissions and provide good returns on investment.

FreeWire Announces Mobilyze Pro, An AI-Enabled Tool For Intelligent EV Infrastructure Planning

FreeWire, a company known for its charging stations with integrated battery storage, has just launched Mobilyze Pro. This AI-enabled platform aims to efficiently and profitably expand nationwide EV charging infrastructure by providing accurate predictions. Leveraging AI, Mobilyze Pro utilizes tools such as a utilization prediction engine, a tariff recommendation engine, … [continued]

FreeWire & Parkland Team Up To Bring Game-Changing Battery-Integrated Ultrafast EV Chargers

A new collaboration between FreeWire Technologies (FreeWire) and Parkland Corporation (Parkland) will offer easy access to ultrafast EV charging across British Columbia, Canada. FreeWire’s ultrafast Boost Charger unlocks space-efficient and cost-effective ultrafast EV charging with lower installation and operational costs for an attractive return on investment. The fully integrated charger … [continued]