Freewire Announces New Boost Pro Hardware

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In the past, I’ve covered FreeWire Technologies a number of times. It’s an innovative EV charging business that offers stations with built-in battery storage. This gives property owners the ability to put in DC fast charging even when there’s no three-phase power available, or allows them to put in multiple stations on a power connection that would only support one. Now, the company is taking this offering to the next level to get even more good out of the battery storage.

The new Pro Series chargers are more than just chargers. They support bidirectional power flow, allowing the 150 kWh battery packs to help stabilize the grid, make revenue by feeding power back into the grid, and even give EV drivers a charge during power outages. The power in the packs can also be used to keep the host business running, powering everything from convenience stores to refrigerators to gas pumps until the grid comes back.

Energy can also be shared across multiple charging units, which is great for maximizing charging speeds. Using software to manage the battery systems means higher profits, better reliability, and less downtime.

What’s really great about this is that it helps more people get the most good out of the limited supply of battery cells on the market today. Sadly, many EV battery cells sit for 22–23 hours a day doing nothing. Now, companies are looking for ways to get more good from these sitting EV batteries to offer grid stability and backup power for families during emergencies. This takes that same concept and turns it around to do even more.

Supporting EVs, businesses, and the grid all with one set of batteries is great. It’s like killing three birds with one stone.

“Designed with quality and serviceability in mind, the Boost Charger Pro and Boost Power Pro are more than just chargers; they’re comprehensive energy solutions ensuring preparedness and flexibility in a wide range of scenarios,” said Martin Lynch, COO at FreeWire. “Our relentless commitment to research and development has positioned FreeWire as a pioneer in advancing sustainable energy solutions. The Pro Series reflects our dedication to delivering innovative and reliable technology, setting new standards for the future of electric vehicle infrastructure.”

Sadly, this isn’t going to be a luxury item for most businesses. By 2030, experts estimate that there will be 26 million EVs on the road, which is going to mean a lot of grid demand. But, the grid is aging in many areas and investments in improvements haven’t been made. In 2023, there was a 15% increase in power service disruptions. So, EV charging providers who prepare for increased disruption or invest in preventing disruption entirely will do better than the competition.

It is, of course, possible to do this in other ways. Things like Tesla Powerwalls and Powerpacks can be installed on a site to support EV chargers and the site itself, but there’s significant expense in setting all of that up. FreeWire offers all of this in a single box that shows up pre-assembled into a working unit right out of the shipping crate. 

Featured image provided by FreeWire Technologies.

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