The Electric, Sustainable Snowmobile: Vidde Just Launched Its 1st Vehicle

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Launch of the World’s Cleanest Snowmobile

Image courtesy of Vidde & Icehotel

Aiming for its carbon emissions to be less than 100 g co2/km, Pininfarina and Vidde are collaborating to create an environmentally sustainable snowmobile that, beyond being electric, is designed to maximise the product life span, taking a circular standpoint.

The Vidde Alfa, as the pre-series is called, has a battery system with an internal heat system making it possible to meet the cold climate conditions of the Arctic, as low as -39°Celsius. For users such as the Icehotel and others in the arctic climate, these temperatures are a reality and the importance of meeting that demand has been a focus for Vidde from the beginning.

The snowmobile is created by a Swedish mobility startup, Vidde Mobility.

Vidde Mobility collaborated on the design with the famous Italian design house Pininfarina, recognised for designing iconic designs such as the Ferrari Testarossa. Together with Pininfarina, the development has focused on finding solutions that can both emphasise the pure pleasure of using the vehicle yet at the same time making it functional and attractive for years to come.

At the time of the launch on February 18th 2024 at IceHotel in Swedish Lapland, according to Vidde Mobility, the Vidde snowmobile will be the world’s cleanest snowmobile. The initial carbon footprint will be less than 100g co2/ km in comparison to a conventional snowmobile that emits approximately 550g co2/km. Put in perspective, a car with a conventional petrol engine emits close to 565g co2/ km and an electric car 322 co2/ km.

The Vidde pre-series will be tested together with SkiStar, Sveaskog and Skellefteå Kraft, in addition to Icehotel for the rest of this season. “We’ve worked together with these partners in the development of the product and now it’s time to get it into the field and start testing it in real conditions and situations,” says Christian Lystrup.

The new vehicle will be put into production and ready to start shipping at the later stage of 2024 expecting to expand production moving towards 2025. The first units are already signed for by the testing partners but there are still many opportunities to sign up and pre-book a Vidde snowmobile. The product is expected to start delivery with a price tag of €26,200.

100% biodegradable “Paper Tail” — Vidde Mobility

Vidde is co-founded by Christian Lystrup and Yalda Mirbaz, university friends who have brought their experience together to push boundaries as well as exceed and meet market expectations.

“As agreed at COP 28, we all need to transition into fossil-free transportation. This also includes snowmobiles. Fossil-free isn’t just about direct use. To take our responsibility seriously we need to consider the total footprint of the product. From raw materials to production, through use, all the way to the end of its life. This is what we are working on and we are carefully choosing partners and components to share our vision and work together with us to move towards a fossil-free transportation industry,“ said Vidde CEO Christian Lystrup.

“Swedish Lapland is a vast destination where motor-driven vehicles are more or less a must to get around. During the winter a lot of people use snowmobiles for both personal and professional purposes. It is also a popular tourist attraction to get out and experience our stunning nature. If we can turn all these snowmobiles into electrified versions it would have a hugely positive effect on nature and wildlife, both for the reduced co2 emissions and sound disturbance. This fills us with hope and will play a part in reaching our sustainability goals for 2030,” says Annika Fredriksson CEO Swedish Lapland Visitors Board.

Some statistics on snowmobiles in Sweden from 2022:

  • According to Trafikanalys, there are 85,855 registered snowmobiles in the region of Norrbotten, the northernmost county of Sweden. It is also the largest county by land area, almost a quarter of Sweden’s total area
  • In the whole country, there are 350,360 snow scooters, so approx. 25% of all snow scooters in Sweden are found in Swedish Lapland.
  • Arjeplog has the highest density with 65 scooters per 100 inhabitants…

Sweden’s top 5 winter activities:

While winters in Sweden may be chilly, the snowy landscape and frozen lakes transform it into an ideal destination for fun winter activities. Whether it’s dog sledding, cross-country skiing, ice skating, or even ice bathing, there’s something for every member of the family to enjoy and remember.

  • Go dog sledding — Want to get closer to animals, experience the cold, and enjoy nature? Then go dog sledding in Swedish Lapland
  • Marvel at the Northern Lights — To see the beauty of the Northern Lights, head to northern Sweden between early September and late March. This winter, the Aurora Borealis is set to be impressive as we enter the solar cycle’s peak.
  • Perfect your ice skating skills — When the temperature drops below zero in winter, the ice-skating fever rises. Can’t wait to glide over the natural ice in Sweden? We have listed a range of beautiful Nordic skating spots in Sweden, from north to south.
  • Experience ice-fishing or “pimpling” as we call it — For a really cool experience, go ice fishing during winter by drilling a hole in the ice angling pike, perch or an Arctic char.
  • Try the cold bathing trend — Concerned about taking a wintry dip in cold or icy waters? Cold bathing remains a timeless tradition among Swedes. Along the Swedish coastline, you’ll find numerous open-air public baths, many offering direct access to the sea and remaining open year-round.

Related from the Icehotel:


The future electric snowmobile has now been presented at Icehotel, and for a few thrilling months, the sustainable electric snowmobile will be test-driven and evaluated. The Swedish-made snowmobile is a pioneering force and signifies a significant milestone, with a vision to create cleaner and more environmentally friendly snowmobiling experiences. Alfa will be in production by 2024–2025 and ready for Icehotel guests to experience the Northern wilderness in complete silence.

During the spring of 2023, Vidde built the prototype, named Frankenstein or Frank, for what is set to become the world’s most sustainable electric snowmobile. In the same year, Icehotel partnered up with Vidde and has since been a crucial partner in the project, playing a significant role in its development and refinement by observing guests experiences in nature.

Icehotel is a unique world destination offering several different experiences, with snowmobile tours into the wilderness being one of the most popular outdoor activities. The launch of Alfa together with Icehotel marks a significant milestone in Vidde’s journey. The vision for Icehotel with Alfa is to enhance visitors experience by bringing them closer to the nature and engaging all five senses.

“Being able to offer our future guests the opportunity to experience the fantastic nature surrounding Icehotel more silently thanks to the snowmobile is absolutely amazing. Vidde will enable a completely unique and new experience of being present in nature. At the same time, being able to minimize environmental impact on one of our most popular experiences feels completely right and aligns with our sustainability thinking,” says Marie Herrey, CEO of Icehotel.

Together with the design house Pininfarina, the development of Alfa has focused on finding solutions that can both emphasise the pure pleasure of using the vehicle yet at the same time making it functional and attractive for years to come.

About Icehotel: Icehotel opened in 1989 and is beside a hotel also an art exhibition with ever-changing art made of ice and snow. Icehotel is created in a new version every winter, completely made of natural ice from Torne River, one of Sweden’s national rivers and last untouched waters. When the winter season’s hotel has melted back into the river during the spring, a part of the hotel remains; a place where visitors can experience the ice and snow all year round.

All images and news courtesy of Vidde Mobility. via cision.

Courtesy of Vidde Mobility

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