Magicycle Launches Two Step-Thru Electric Bikes

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Magicycle is ready to share a milestone with you — after a year of planning and design development, the US electric bike startup is celebrating the addition of two step-thru electric bikes to its catalog: the Ocelot and Jaguarundi twin electric bikes. You’re really going to like these two new ebikes.

Inspired by swift wild cats that bolt through long solitary stretches of terrain, these new ebikes are sleeker and more contemporary than their predecessors. They have sharp styling and higher performance and power than average ebikes of similar size, thanks to the integrated battery and refreshed creative work of the Magicycle Design Team. 

The Ocelot and Jaguarundi, which are available in either step-thru or step-thru folding variants, are prized additions to the Magicycle fat tire electric bike line. Both of these exciting new products offer 180mm hydraulic disc brakes, 52V batteries that provide up to 60 miles range, and a payload capacity of about 300 pounds. 

Can’t you see yourself infused with energy and enthusiasm as you try out one of these attractive new ebikes? Current Magicycle fans are eagerly awaiting a chance to take the Ocelot and Jaguarundi on test rides.

Magicycle has become a leader in multiple transportation scenarios due to its intensive research and development in power and comfort frame systems. The Magicycle line of step-thru electric bikes is ideal for city streets, countryside scenic routes, forest trails, campgrounds, beaches, and more.

Welcoming the Magicycle Ocelot Pro Step-Thru

With a supple frame and smooth riding alignment, the Magicycle Ocelot Pro Torque 96N.M is ideal for comfortable cruising. As soon as you step-thru the Magicycle Ocelot, you’ll find yourself thinking how energized and graceful you feel. The Ocelot Pro is an absolute joy to ride and a chance for you to experience the independence and security of ebiking.

This appropriately sized electric bike seamlessly blends the endless possibilities of electric bikes with the stability of a small-format ride for you. You’ll discover that the Ocelot is a safe and sturdy utility machine, an exhilarating off-road vehicle, and a dependable commuter ride.

Although sized to accommodate riders from 4’10” on up to 6’2”, this agreeably smaller e-bike is lively and dynamic. Indeed, the Ocelot sports more battery and motor power than its earlier siblings in the Magicycle Cruiser family. 

Check out the Ocelot’s specifications:

Magicycle Ocelot Tech Specs

Battery: 52V 20Ah Lithium Battery(LG)

Motor: 750W rear geared hub motor (peaks at over 1,000W)

Brakes: Tektro Hydraulic disc brakes (180 mm rotors)

Fork: Hydraulic suspension fork

Range: Up to 80 miles 

Weight: 73 lb 

Max load: 300 lb 

Wheels: Kenda 26″x4.0″ fat tires

Recommended Rider Heights: 4’10”’’ ~ 6.2’’

Extras: Color LCD Display with USB Charging, bright headlight, and taillight

Magicycle Ocelot Pro Step-thru riders will appreciate its many high-quality features:

  • Upgraded Frame

As an Ocelot rider, you’ll find that its frame is confidence inspiring. The Magicycle Design Team has worked diligently to provide you with a frame that is solid, vigorous, and safe. As a result, the tube walls are as thick as 0.17 inches, and the frame is resilient in sudden or steep downhill braking. One more thing: stepping through this frame requires only 15 inches.

Image courtesy: Magicycle
  • Hydraulic Suspension Fork
Image courtesy: Magicycle

Concerned about the quality of your ride? Don’t be. The Ocelot has a tough and hardy suspension fork that utilizes hydraulic dampening to smooth out the bumps and potholes. Combined with the 4” fat tires, you’ll get a very stable and pleasant ride, whether your preference is on open roads or on forest trails.

  • Redesigned Battery
Image courtesy: Magicycle

The Magicycle Design Team considered many battery options, and they decided on a newly configured — and really awesome — battery. As you see above, the battery is fully integrated into the Ocelot frame, which creates stability and structural integrity. The battery offers a substantial (nominal) 750 watts of power with 52 volts and 20 amp hours. 

As an Ocelot rider, you’ll be stress-free with an extended range of up to 80 miles — just keep in mind that conditions like rider weight, wind speed, terrain, and pedaling effort can alter your riding range slightly.

  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Image courtesy: Magicycle

The brakes on your ebike are the most important feature that contributes to safe cycling and guarantees your longest cycling distances. The Ocelot comes with Tektro brand 180mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes, which dissipate heat efficiently and distribute heat more evenly than traditional mechanical brakes. 

Long lasting, these Ocelot’s hydraulic brakes enhance your riding safety, as no mechanical elements are involved and no mechanical cables are needed. The Ocelot ebike has oodles of stopping power with the Tektro hydraulic disc braking system. With this sensitive braking, you’ll feel more in control of the ebike than ever.

  • Powerful Hub Motor
Image courtesy: Magicycle

Compared to many fat tire e-bikes, the Ocelot is more compact and lighter. That’s very helpful for many riders, and, yet, don’t be concerned about power loss. This new motor delivers an amazing 96 Nm of torque. 

On an ebike, torque is the ability to rotate the rear wheel. Higher torque will create more acceleration and get you up steep hills easier. This means a bike with higher torque is easier to ignite into action from a stop, or to move off on an incline, and the Ocelot delivers. When you need to quickly cross a busy intersection, the Ocelot is up to the task with lightning starts and abundant hill-conquering power.

Introducing the Magicycle Jaguarundi Folding Step-Thru

Image courtesy: Magicycle

The new Magicycle Jaguarundi Folding Step-Thru is the model that many riders will think of as the most intuitive, uncomplicated, and user-friendly ride that Magicycle has ever constructed. It is an enjoyable, zippy, and compact electric bike that can motor you to work or the local park—and it’s really flexible, as the Jaguarundi is adaptable to pavement or trail.

Image courtesy: Magicycle

You may not be familiar with the Jaguarundi’s folding fat tire bike style, as it’s less common than more traditional frames. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how convenient and capable this model is — it will open you up to all kinds of new possibilities. 

Image courtesy: Magicycle

Are you a city rider who doesn’t need to transport your ebike in a car? The Jaguarundi model has a lot to offer you. Because it folds up, it takes up a whole lot less space than a stationary model. That means you’ll be able to tuck it into a corner or even under your desk at work, and you can carry it up onto a city bus without hassle. Later, you’ll be able to store it in a small space at home.  

Magicycle Jaguarundi Tech Specs

Battery: 52V 15Ah Lithium Battery

Motor: 600W rear geared hub motor 

Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes (180 mm rotors)

Fork: Alloy Front Suspension Fork

Range: Up to 55 miles 

Weight: 76 lb 

Max load: 350 lb 

Wheels: 20-inch x 4-inch fat tires

Recommended Rider Heights: 4’10’’ ~ 6’2’’

Extras: Backlit display, bright headlight and taillight

If you’re already familiar with Magicycle ebikes, you know that all of their models have dependable, reliable, high quality frames with expert welding. Add the Jaguarundi to that list. Magicycle frames help you to get good traction on rugged terrains and give you solace when you commute. That’s because these e-bike frames offer faster, more comfortable, and really durable rides and handling.

Image courtesy: Magicycle

Want to know about the quality of an ebike frame? You can tell if a company cares about frame construction by examining its welds. Are they clean or messy? Diligent welds mean more than aesthetics — they strengthen the metals they’re joining, adding another layer of confidence to your ride. 

Magicycle’s welds are pristine and flawless, giving you the confidence of high quality construction. You can tell that Magicycle’s welders take pride in their work and demonstrate how to do it right. Magicycle’s gorgeously fileted welds show how much the company cares about the art and science of ebike construction.

Image courtesy: Magicycle

You might have heard that ebikes have varying levels of difficulty when it comes to removing the bike battery. That’s true, but don’t worry about releasing the Jaguarundi’s battery. It is easy to separate and charge, as it snaps out of the center of the frame. Because you don’t have to fold the bike to access the battery, either, the charging and battery storage process is really easy and streamlined.

The Jaguarundi also offers new tires with great all-around performance. Many riders spend the bulk of their riding time on pavement, but these new tires for the Jaguarundi can also handle off road trails. Are you somebody who appreciates a good looking tire? These tires are very classy with tan sidewalls. You’ll find that, as a Jaguarundi rider, you’ll be getting a lot of second looks from other riders.

Image courtesy: Magicycle

The Story Behind the Magicycle

Magicycle manufacturing is different from many other ebike companies. It’s one of the very few ebike brands subsidiaries that owns the factory where their ebikes are produced. 

Magicycle’s factory has been in Wuxi, China (the capital of global electric bicycle manufacturing) for more than 16 years and has produced more than 1.2 million e-bikes. These quality ebikes are sold to North America, Europe, Japan, Australia, and other countries. Magicycle is dedicated to bringing China’s best e-bike manufacturing technology to the world, and you can be part of that experience.  

Magicycle’s parent company offers longevity and industry sophistication, which means that its customers have the benefit of ultimate cost performance, state-of-the-art technology and materials, and the ability to consistently exceed client expectations. 

Magicycle’s Core Values Statement keeps this company on track to becoming the most customer-centric electric bike manufacturer in the world, and the company aims at always providing the very best in value, quality, and customer satisfaction.

This article is supported by Magicycle.

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