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CleanTechnica is the world’s #1 source for cleantech news and analysis. Get your company in front of more than almost 7 million monthly global readers, along with hundreds of thousands of social media followers. We offer a broad range of promotional options to fit your needs. For pricing and questions, please contact the CleanTechnica Sales Director, Andrea.

Some of our clients include:

Display Ads

Advertise your company or product on the world’s best cleantech news site for maximum impact. We offer standard ad size inventory on mobile-only or mobile + desktop campaigns that connect you with the audience across detailed geotargets. Minimum $15 CPM. Minimum campaign is $2,500.

Native Content

Build your online web presence and expand thought-leadership about your industry with published articles on CleanTechnica. To be true to our core journalistic goals (which, at the heart, are to disseminate useful and accurate information and perspective), we are very selective regarding products and messages. If your company is aligned with our vision for a renewable future, we offer native content and press release publication. We publish compelling narrative contentcompany highlightsin-depth thought leadership pieces, and so much more. We accept your written content or we offer writing and interview services from our global writing team.

If you want coverage of your press release, please use our Contact Form. Press Releases are featured on the sidebar only, and are published at a discounted rate.

Branded Article Series + Content Partnerships

If your company is looking to be associated with a specific topic across many articles, a branded series is another way to reach our readers across a series of articles on a timeline of your choosing. We offer semi-annual and annual content partnerships to expand your web presence and help you tell share your innovations and thought-leadership with the world. Custom pricing.

Webinar Partnerships

Work with the CleanTechnica team to get your message to our readers via a live webinar. Our software allows for a range of presentation options (panel discussion, slides presentation, and/or lecture). The webinar is offered via free registration, includes a live Q&A, and is livestreamed on Facebook. We include promotion via newsletters, articles, and social media both before and after the webinar. This is a great way to connect with readers in a direct way, and it creates a collection of shareable content for you to use.

White Paper Partnerships

Interested in creating impactful white papers to share with your clients and partners? The White Paper Partnership features writing and graphic design from our brilliant team on a topic of your choice.

We curate promotion to our readers via articles, social media, and more. Custom pricing, inquire for details.

Newsletter Outreach

CleanTechnica offers a daily news recap and three topic-specific newsletters. We offer dedicated newsletters (one-time blasts), newsletter banners, and newsletter sidebar ads (sold monthly). We offer a monthly Newsletter Partnership that gives you the opportunity to reach our subscribers on a daily basis.

Social Media Outreach

We focus our social media efforts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Current social reach includes more than 80,000 Twitter followers, 40,000 Facebook followers, and 20,000 LinkedIn group members. Social media promotion is often utilized in conjunction with other outreach opportunities, but is available as a single offering. Minimum campaign is $1000.

Cleantech Talks Podcast Partnerships

The CleanTechnica podcast Cleantech Talks features some of the coolest thinkers and leaders in the cleantech world. The 2019 schedule of Cleantech Talks features CleanTechnica Director Zachary Shahan and Michael Liebreich, global expert on clean energy and sustainable development. Regular contributors + guests for our podcast include:

  • Ross Gerber, Gerber Kawasaki
  • Brett Winton, ARK Invest
  • Nancy Pfund, DBL Partners
  • Ion Yadigaroglu, Partner at Capricorn’s Technology Impact Fund
  • Leilani Munter, Race car driver & cleantech activist
  • Mark Z. Jacobson, Stanford Professor
  • Galileo Russell, Founder & CEO of HyperChange TV
  • Mike Barnard, Chief Strategist at TFIE Strategy Inc.

Podcast sponsorships are available in quarterly, half, for full-year sponsorships; pricing from $6000 – $24,000. See our Podcast page for detailed schedule and content; for sales, inquire with our Sales Manager or use our Contact Form.

Cleantech Talks Quarterly Podcast Partnership:

  • 2 hosted podcasts/month = 6 total podcasts
  • Sponsorship includes two, 15-second client commercials, read by our Host at top of the show and at bottom.
  • Partner logo on Podcast Archive page for duration of promotion

Our Demographics

For pricing and questions, please contacting the CleanTechnica sales director Andrea via email.


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