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CleanTechnica is the world’s #1 source for cleantech news and analysis. Get your company in front of our 1 million monthly global readers. We offer a broad range of promotional options to fit your needs. Below is our basic list of offerings. Click Here to download CleanTechnica’s 2017 Rate Card

Some of our clients include:

Display Ads

Advertise your company or product on the world’s best cleantech news site for maximum reach. We offer standard ad size inventory across your specific geotargets to our desktop, mobile, and tablet users. Minimum $20 cpm.

Native Content

Build your online web presence with published articles on CleanTechnica, a highly ranked and esteemed website. To be true to our core journalistic goals (which, at the heart, are to disseminate useful and accurate information and perspective), we are very selective regarding products and messages, but native content is also flexible based on your needs: we can publish unique interviews, crowdfunding promotion, company highlights, promotions, in-depth thought leadership pieces, press releases, and more. We accept your drafts and/or we offer writing services from our global writing team.

Branded Article Series

If your company is looking to be associated with a specific topic across many articles, a branded series is another way to reach our readers across a series of articles. We partner with good brands looking to share great news and offerings. This series is also featured in our daily newsletter as a sidebar for additional exposure.

Social Media Outreach

We focus our social media efforts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Current social reach includes almost 50,000 Twitter followers, 27,000 Facebook followers, 19,000 LinkedIn group members, and 4,000 Google+ followers. Social media promotion is often utilized in conjunction with other outreach opportunities, but is available as a single offering.

Newsletter Outreach

CleanTechnica offers five unique newsletters: our daily news recap, a weekly recap, and three topic-specific newsletters focused on our most popular topics: Electric Vehicles, Solar Energy, and Wind Power. We offer dedicated newsletters (one-time blasts) and newsletter sidebar ads (sold monthly) on all of these newsletters.

Click here to download our 2017 Rate Card for current pricing and stats. Or get started by contacting CleanTechnica sales manager Andrea via email.


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