Audi Ur Quattro Gets Million-Dollar All-Electric Rebirth

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One of the most iconic cars of the Group B era, the Audi Ur Quattro was designed around the idea that all-wheel drive and high-performance could go hand-in-hand. It may seem obvious now, but only because that original Quattro coupe — along with legendary drivers like Michelle Mouton, Walter Röhrl, and Juha Kankkunen — did such an incredible job of crushing almost everything out there, almost everywhere. Now, a company called ELegend is bringing it back, electric-style.

This latest reborn classic follows in the footsteps of the Singer Porsche and reborn Lancia Stratos concept of the last few years, but the electric motors means the ELegend EL-1 (that’s the unfortunate alphanumeric that’s going to be slapped on the back of this, rather than the more obvious UR-E) will likely be quicker than those cars, at least in a straight line. Indeed, ELegends promises a 0-100 km time of just 2.8 seconds, thanks to its 3 electric motors (2 at the rear axle and 1 at the front axle). Altogether, the system’s power output is rated at 816 HP and 1180 lb-ft of TQ. (!)

Still, there’s more to this car than old-school looks and big-time modern power. Clever design choices abound, like these pencil-thin side view cameras to cut down on weight and aerodynamic drag …

Pencil-thin cameras instead of mirrors, image courtesy ELegend.

… and this roof-width NACA duct, which seems like it might actually be functional, assuming there’s some battery-cooling hardware hiding somewhere under that big glass rear hatch. Worst case, you’ll have a heck of a bug collection after just a few hundred miles of driving!

Roof-mounted NACA duct, image courtesy ELegend.

Adding to the classic “high rake” look of the EL-1 are a set of 19″ wheels up front and 20″ wheels in the rear. Heck, even the batteries are neat — they’re arranged in a T formation, similar to what the original GM/Saturn EV-1 ran. There’s a precedent here, is what I’m saying, and comparisons to the EV-1 are high praise around these parts, so there you are. With a chassis designed and developed by the material experts at Roding Automobile GmbH, the EL-1 seems a well-conceived machine, at least.

For the money they’re asking, it had better be! Like any good reborn classic, the ELegend EL-1 was always going to be pricey — but I still balked at the one million dollar asking price. I can’t help but read it Dr. Evil-style, either, but that probably says more about me than it does about the car.

What do you guys think? Is this a faithful enough recreation of the original Group B classic to merit a 7-figure price tag, or would you rather pick up a half-dozen Audi e-Tron GTs or Porsche Taycans for the same money? Check out the photo gallery and spec sheet (from ELegend) below, then let us know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

ELegend EL-1 Photo Gallery


Type Retrofuturistic Full Electric Supercar
Body Structure Full Axis-2-Axis Carbonfiber Moncoqoue
Materials Composite
Length 4155 mm
Width 1910 mm
Height 1270 mm
Doors 2
Seats 2
front Frunk for Charge-Cables etc.
rear 2 carry on bags + 2 golfbags


Layout AWD
Transmission ESingle-gear transmission
Limited-slip differential front and rear
Max. Power 600kW / 816HP
front 1 x 150kW
rear 2 x 225kW
Max. Torque
front 500 Nm
rear 1100 Nm
front Single-Speed Gearbox Limited Slip Differential
rear Single-Speed Gearbox Limited Slip Differential


Track 2445 mm
front 1630 mm
rear 1604 mm
Steering Electric Power Steering incl. Normal and Sport Mode
Suspension Double-wishbone axle at front and rear
3-way adjustable Dampers in front and rear
Adjustable Anti-Rollbars front and rear


Voltage Level 800 V
Max. Capacity 90 kWh
Onboard Charging yes, 22 kW
DC-Fast-Charging yes, up to 300 kW
Cooling System liquid cooled


Braking System 360 mm discs all around
Four-piston brake calipers
Assistance ESP System with Normal and Sport Mode


Curb weight 1650 kg
Weight Ratio (front/rear) 47/53
Weight power ratio 2 kg/PS


Rims Custom Forged 19″ Lightweight
Tires 285/30R19
Rims Custom Forged 20″ Lightweight
Tires 285/30R20


Vmax 300 km/h
0-100 km/h 2.8 s
0-200 km/h 8.5 s
Braking 100-0 km/h t.b.d
Range (WLTP) 425 km
Consumption ~21 kWh/100 km

Source | More Images: ELegend, via GTSpirit.

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