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Published on November 17th, 2018 | by Zachary Shahan


Tesla Model 3 Reservation Holdouts … Automakers Slow-Walking EVs … Climate Collapse — #CleanTechnica Top 20

November 17th, 2018 by  

The 20 most popular stories on CleanTechnica in the past week included the usual suspects — Tesla, large automakers, climate collapse, EV battery developments, electric two-wheelers, some solar energy news, Tesla, Tesla, and Tesla.

After the top 20 list, I’ll add some more reflections on the most popular stories of the week.

  1. Tesla Reaching Out To US Model 3 Reservation Holders To Ask If They Want A Refund
  2. Why Automakers Try To Slow & Stifle The EV Revolution
  3. We Are So Screwed: Study Warns Of 5 Degree Celsius Warming By 2100
  4. The Solid-State Lithium-Ion Battery — Has John Goodenough Finally Done It?
  5. Tesla Model 3 Disqualified From 1st In Class Finish At Buttonwillow … For Being Electric
  6. While Yamaha Purrs Ahead With Electric Bikes, Honda, Suzuki & Kawasaki Lag
  7. Tesla’s Upcoming Inclusion In The S&P 500 Index
  8. Tech & Investment Giants Think Coverage Of Elon Musk Is Crazy
  9. Tesla Owner Hacks The Tesla Wall Connector To Charge On Sunshine
  10. Tesla Model 3 = #1 Top Selling Luxury Car in USA in October
  11. Israel Will Ban Gasoline & Diesel Vehicles After 2030
  12. What Is Starlink? And Could Tesla Be Involved?
  13. 45% of Current Electric Car Drivers Plan to Buy a Tesla Next — #CleanTechnica Report
  14. Nissan LEAF & Tesla Model S Lead In Netherlands, But Jaguar I-PACE Steps Up The Pace (Finally)
  15. Can You Still Get The $7,500 Tax Credit On A Tesla Model 3? Maybe. It’s Complicated!
  16. ACWA Power Secures 250 Megawatt Solar PV Project At 2.4¢/kWh!
  17. Tesla [TSLA] FUD: Accounts Receivable 10-Q Mystery
  18. Tesla President Jerome Guillen Lays Out Path Forward For Gigafactory 1
  19. A Look Inside Tesla’s Solar Gigafactory In Buffalo, New York
  20. Updated: Tesla Model 3 Arrives In European Showrooms Today — Pictures & Videos Roll In

One big theme this week was the Model 3’s maturation and slow expansion abroad, whether that be show & tell introductions in Europe, Model 3 order configurators going live in China, or Tesla pushing reservation holders in the US to make a decision about their reservations so that the company can complete its plan of attack globally.

Another big theme was time. Our chance of avoiding runaway global warming is getting real tight as we have moved far too slowly to stop the warming … yet automakers continue to slow-walk the transition. It would be exciting if it wasn’t so disturbing and nerve-racking.

Tesla’s stock price and the ongoing push and pull of bullish Tesla longs and bearish Tesla shorts continued to be one of the most fascinating stories for readers (and writers), with expectations regarding Tesla’s inclusion in the S&P 500 being the top story in that category — and also my top article recommendation for the week.

Another popular regular topic — electric car sales — delivered a handful of top stories. Our latest comparisons of Tesla Model 3 sales versus gasmobile sales put the Model 3 at #1 in the luxury car category, #7 among all US cars in the month of October, and #12 among all cars in the US for the January–October period. Tesla as a whole won among all US luxury car brands in the US and was 4th in the bigger luxury automaker competition (cars + SUVs + trucks). In the Netherlands, the Model S held onto #2 among all electric cars, while the Nissan LEAF soared further into the lead in the #1 spot and the Jaguar I-PACE picked up the pace.

A couple of solar stories also slipped in among the many popular electric vehicle pieces, one of which happened to be about Tesla. 😉 


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