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Published on October 14th, 2018 | by Zachary Shahan


Tesla Model 3 TCO … #1 Top Selling American Car … Gigawatts of Solar in Japan — #CleanTechnica Top 20

October 14th, 2018 by  

The most popular articles of the past week included not a single article about Tesla.


As usual, Tesla stories rose to the top of the pack in terms of eyeballs and shares. In fact, the top article has scored over half a million pageviews. Wowza! Interestingly, despite showing a surprisingly competitive total cost of ownership (TCO) estimate for the Tesla Model 3, author Paul Fosse learned after digging even deeper that the TCO should be even lower! That link leads to the new article, just published.

The Model 3 becoming the #1 top selling car in the US produced by an American car company also received an enormous amount of love. That story and the #1 story received a boost as well from Sir Elon Musk himself, who happened to retweet them.

For the rest of the top 20, read on, click through, share the love, and then don’t forget to become a CleanTechnica subscriber!

  1. Tesla Model 3 Total Cost of Ownership Estimate — Crushing It
  2. Tesla Model 3 Is #1 Top Selling American Car In USA
  3. How To Typhoon-Proof Offshore Wind Turbines
  4. Japan To Add 17 Gigawatts Of New Solar By End Of 2020
  5. Scoop: Nissan Electric SUV Price Target = $45,000
  6. Japan To Add 17 Gigawatts Of New Solar By End Of 2020
  7.  An Open Letter To GE CEO Lawrence Culp
  8. Tesla’s Battery In South Australia Breaks Stranglehold Of Natural Gas Industry
  9. A Field Guide To Potential Securities Violations By Tesla’s Foes — In Depth
  10. Why The Tesla American Success Story Ain’t Gettin’ No Love
  11. Tesla Model 3 = Safest Car Ever Tested By NHTSA. How Did Tesla Pull It Off?
  12. Tesla Crushes Porsche & Jaguar Worldwide
  13. Tesla May Double Size Of Gigafactory 1 & Triple Its Workforce — If Infrastructure Permits
  14. Elon Musk Beginning His Journey: “I Arrived In North America At 17 With $2,000”
  15. Hot: Tesla Powerwall To Get New Features, Higher Prices
  16. #1, #2, #3 — Tesla Model 3, S, & X = USA’s Safest Cars & Top Selling Electric Cars
  17. Tesla Speeding Up Chinese Factory Due To Trump Trade War
  18. The Top 3 Automakers & Their Electric Vehicle Plans
  19. Tesla V9 Update — My First Impressions
  20. Tesla Scores Record Month In The Netherlands, Model S & Model X Both #1 In Class

What stories will dominate in the coming week? Any guesses?



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