Electric Car Savings Will Pay For Christmas & More

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A New Go Ultra Low cost calculator finds that the typical 100% electric car in the UK could cost on average just 3p per mile to run. That is a notable bit of savings compared to 9p for the comparable diesel car.

The first savings, in my experience, regard the smell, the lack of particulate exposure, and freedom from the filmy dirty feeling of gas in the car and in the air. When sitting at a charger and someone asks me about the time it takes to charge, I reflect on something more: I’m at another low-cost or free charger. I don’t have to make a trip to the gas station, dropping a $50 or more for a tank of gas.

Go Ultra Low believes that motorists buying a 100% electric car and not a comparable diesel model could save enough money each year to cover the average family’s £645 Christmas expenditures. That is the least of it. Consider this: Alistair, speaking in the video below of his love of his EV, a BMW i3, shares with us all, “If someone asks me what I think of it, I say it’s 15 out of 10.” (Many of us agree.)

If you would like to visit the updated www.goultralow.com website, you can now play with the new cost calculator, which demonstrates how much you can save by switching to a 100% electric car. “By using its comprehensive range of vehicle comparison tools, Go Ultra Low found that 100% electric cars can provide savings of around £600 per year on fuel and tax bills. Combining this with just four London Congestion Charge-free trips a year, the total annual saving exceeds the £645 average cost of Christmas, inclusive of food and drink, gifts and socialising during the festive period.”

“The new Go Ultra Low cost calculator tools use the latest official (NEDC) vehicle test data and reflect the fact that pure electric and hybrid car drivers pay the lowest rates of VED – with no first year rate for 100% electric vehicles”

Poppy Welch, Head of Go Ultra Low, said: “Many drivers of 100% electric cars will have already covered the cost of Christmas this year, thanks to the lower operating costs of their cars. 100% electric and plug-in cars are fast becoming a serious consideration for an increasing number of motorists, with more than already over 125,000 on our roads.”

I am continually pointing out — usually to children who seem innately tuned into electric cars — that it is simple to fuel, like a cell phone. Regarding the costs of maintenance for that clean electric cars, many electric cars have a solid track record of very high reliability and little maintenance — including no oil changes, smog checks, mufflers to fix, etc., etc.

Our friends at Tesla Shuttle in Wroclaw, Poland (co-founder Zach Shahan, my son, is director of CleanTechnica) informs us that they had only spent only $70 in Tesla Model S charging and $0 in maintenance costs after 17,000 kilometers. Similar but after many more years, Tesloop spent $10,492 on maintenance and $0 on charging after 300,000 miles. “If this sounds like an insanely low maintenance and fuel cost for 300,000 miles of driving, that’s because it is, especially for a car in this class. ‘Had this been an Mercedes S class, the scheduled routine maintenance and fuel would have been $86,000 ($52,000 maintenance and $36,000* fuel) with 112 days of servicing or for a Lincoln Town Car $70,000 ($28,000 maintenance and $42,000** fuel) with around 100 days of servicing,’ Tesloop writes. The Tesla Model S was in the shop for just 12 days.'”

Electric cars have fewer moving parts and less demand for consumables. Go Ultra Low continues with its UK EV facts: “Meanwhile, Government grants provide up to £4,500 off the price of eligible 100% electric cars, £2,500 off the price of eligible plug-in hybrid cars, and up to £8,000 off the price of a new electric van.”

Learn more at www.goultralow.com

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