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Published on June 26th, 2015 | by Cynthia Shahan


“Electric Car” — My Granddaughter’s Favorite Song & Video

June 26th, 2015 by  

Every new generation seems to have something more advanced imprinted and instilled in their DNA. Some old educators might be amazed, but not surprised, that young children are often the teachers when it comes to multiliteracy.

This video below melodically invites us to “take a ride with me in an electric car,” as the singer repeats many times. It is multiliterate communication for the young and old alike.

It sometimes seems like everything I have learned in life has been because of — and often with — my children, self-educating and kind-hearted teachers who have been leading me before they even decided if they wanted to talk. Now my grandchildren are taking the lead. One of my granddaughters (the daughter of CleanTechnica director and EV Obsession founder Zachary Shahan) becomes extremely gleeful listening to this tune below about riding in an electric car.

It is not surprising, as Lily already knows that electric cars are something exquisite and fun, and she knows that her family wants pure air and water for everyone. But at 11 months of age and unable to understand the specific words, it is quite interesting and funny that it is apparently her favorite song and video.


Prenatal influences are quite relevant in babies. Perhaps she knows that, if we choose to ride in those electric vehicles, we won’t have to breathe smelly and harmful diesel and gasoline fumes. And we will be safer from accidental injury to ourselves or others. Perhaps she will be a writer for EVObsession and CleanTechnica one day (if she chooses not to go into acting with her talent for expression and characterization).

Or perhaps she has just heard the words “electric cars” from her dad so many times that she is especially enthralled by a song singing about them. 😀

Of course, we should also give credit to They Might Be Giants and the video producers for creating a great song and video.

h/t Tesla Motors Club forum

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