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Published on August 1st, 2017 | by Zachary Shahan


Tesla Superchargers … Model 3 vs Big Auto … Coolest Electric Bike? (Top CleanTechnica Stories in July)

August 1st, 2017 by  

July was a momentous month. The Tesla Model 3 — which must have surprised even Elon Musk — arrived. The first 30 production Model 3s were delivered. But there was a lot of other cleantech fun as well. Check out the 30 stories below to see which grabbed the most eyeballs here on CleanTechnica.

  1. Tesla Superchargers vs … Ugh
  2. Tesla Model 3 To Crush BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Acura, Lexus, Jaguar, Toyota … Everyone
  3. Is General Motors Recreating The Saturn Disaster With The Chevy Bolt?
  4. Is This The Coolest Electric Bicycle You Have Ever Seen? (via Gas2)
  5. Why BMW i3 Is Awesome, & i3 vs Tesla Model 3 (#Electrifying Webinar)
  6. New Sodium Battery Throws Shade On Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Dream
  7. Tesla Model 3 Month Is Here
  8. Netherlands One Of Least Sustainable EU Countries. How Did The Dutch Get Their Green Image?
  9. Super 73 Scout Electric Bicycle From Lithium Cycles Is The King Of Urban Cool (via Gas2)
  10. Is Tesla Model 3 The Next Toyota Camry? (via EV Annex)
  11. Volkswagen Claims I.D. To Be Much Cheaper Than Model 3, With Superfast Charging Network Coming Soon
  12. Nissan Has Superfast Charging Plan For New LEAF … It Seems
  13. $293,000 Porsche 2-Seater Can’t Beat $140,000 5-Seat Tesla Model S To 60 MPH
  14. Europe Electric Car Sales Up 54%
  15. Tesla Model 3 Infographic Features Wicked Charts — Revolution Is Looming
  16. Chevy Bolt Production Ramps Down While Tesla Model 3 Production Ramps Up (via Gas2)
  17. 100% Clean, Renewable Energy Is Possible, Practical, Logical — Setting The Record Straight
  18. New Answers To Common Electric Car Questions
  19. Putting 47,100 Tesla Deliveries In H1 2017 Into Perspective
  20. Candid Pics Of Tesla Model 3 At California Supercharger
  21. Swooning Sedan Sales May Signal End Of Chevy Volt & Chevy Impala, But … (via Gas2)
  22. Straight To The Point, The Elegant Electric PILPELED x FOFFA E-Bike is Pure Beauty
  23. The Important Lesson From Record 560 Miles In A Tesla Model S P100D
  24. Powerful Neematic 50 MPH FR/1 E-Bike Blends Lines Between Bicycle & Moped
  25. Bollinger B1 Electric Truck Debuts In Manhattan (via Gas2)
  26. Tesla Model S Crushes Large Luxury Car Competition (H1 2017 US Sales)
  27. Tesla Gigafactory Pumps Out 1,500 Model 3 Batteries, Tesla Model S 75 Discontinued (via Gas2)
  28. Tesla Model 3 Will Come In Standard & Long Range (310 Mile Range) Version, Full Specs Revealed
  29. Chevy Bolt Production — An Insider’s Viewpoint
  30. “Tesla Fanboyism” vs “EV Realism”

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