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Published on July 26th, 2017 | by Zachary Shahan


Used Tesla Model S vs Tesla Model 3 (Next #Electrifying Webinar)

July 26th, 2017 by  

With Tesla Model 3 now in production, we’re having a lot of fun. The naysayers have not exactly quieted down (they actually seem louder than ever), but yet another major milestone they said was impossible is already in the rearview camera. New details on the Model 3 are coming out on Friday along with the final unveiling of the production version of the car. There will surely be some fun surprises. However, more or less, we know what the Model 3 is offering.

A question many consumers are wondering is basically right up there in the headline — would it be better to get a new Tesla Model 3 or a used Tesla Model S? Frankly, it’s a question I think about a lot and wonder myself. There is no objective right answer — different needs, interests, and abilities result in difference answers. But Matthew Pressman of EV Annex, Kyle Field of CleanTechnica, and I are going to discuss the tradeoffs and nuances of the models in our next #Electrifying webinar.

♣ Date: July 29

♣ Time: 11:00 am NYC time / 8:00 am California time

♣ Location: On Zoom (register for free here) or livestreamed on our Facebook page

Kyle, Matt, and I each have or have had a Tesla Model S in our stables. Matt, cofounder of Tesla aftermarket company EV Annex, also rode in the Model 3 on unveiling night, while Kyle and I stood on the test track for a couple of hours filming and photographing the beauty. Each of us has spent far too much time obsessing over any additional Model 3 details that pop out and blogging about many of them. But a topic that doesn’t seem to have gotten enough attention is the challenge of choosing between a new Model 3 and a used Model S.

Before launching into the discussion on Saturday, here are just a few items to consider:

Cash Money

  • The base price of a Model 3 is supposed to be $35,000.
  • There are currently 17 used Tesla Model S sedans for sale on Tesla’s USA site priced between $42,500 and $49,500. (Of course, there are many more priced higher, there are used Teslas on other sites as well, and cars are added/removed from the used car pool every day.)


  • Tesla Model 3 buyers get a limited amount of free Supercharging each year, after which there’s a fee to charge.
  • Of those 17 used cars mentioned above, 16 of them include unlimited free Supercharging.


  • All Tesla Model 3s include hardware that could make them capable of fully autonomous driving (eventually).
  • Not too many (if any) “low-priced,” used Model Ss have such hardware at this point.


  • Tesla Model 3 length x width = 185 x 82 (with mirrors)
  • Tesla Model S length x width = 196 x 86 (with mirrors)

Other comparisons can be seen on Tesla’s site.

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