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Published on April 3rd, 2016 | by Zachary Shahan


Tesla Model 3 Review From EV Annex (Exclusive Video Interview & Review)

April 3rd, 2016 by  

Following the Tesla Model 3 unveiling on March 31, Kyle Field and I spent approximately 20 minutes interviewing Roger and Matt Pressman, founders of EVANNEX, about their test ride in the Model 3. Being Tesla aftermarket specialists, and Roger being an engineer who worked on displays for fighter pilot cockpits in a former professional life, these guys were ideal interviewees for this historic experience. It also helped that the person giving them the ride was a Tesla engineer who worked on the Model 3.

You can launch straight into the interview in the video below, or read our summary following that.

Like I said too many times to count in the past few days, Roger brought up the concerns that must be flowing in the board rooms of GM, Audi, BMW, etc… How much is this car going to eat into the market share of Audi, BMW, Mercedes?… How much will it steal sales away from the Chevy Bolt?…

These EVANNEX boys also clearly loved the landscape display on this prototype Model 3… Roger called it “revolutionary,” noting that it replaces the dash display completely. Additionally, it “floats,” which allows you to lower the dash if you want, creating extra space and a feeling of roominess you can’t get in a normal car. The display doesn’t tilt toward the driver like in a Model X or Model S either — it spreads across with the driver and front passenger each having a good angle.

Kyle and Roger both quickly came to the conclusion this is a strong lean-in to fully autonomous driving.

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Matt pressed the engineer driving the Model 3 to ask if this display would really make it into the production version, and he said that it would and Elon really wanted it. To follow up on that, Roger added that they also talked to the interior designer of the car a bit earlier in the evening, and he had said that they originally had the landscape display layout, but then decided that they couldn’t do it as desired and took it out, but then found a way to get it back into the car.

Even having a Model S, Roger noted that the Model 3 was really fast. To be expected, but still great to hear.

As you could see if you watched our exclusive 20-minute video of the Tesla Model 3 on the test track, they were also showing off the handling on the ride back to the event with all of the riders. Roll stability was excellent, Roger noted.

Overall, he noted that he thinks it will really embarrass the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 in terms of performance. He also thinks the Model 3 “buries” both of those conventional options stylistically. I agree!

Roger and Matt are, additionally, quite tall (6’2” and 6’1”), and noted that the Model 3 is surprisingly spacious in the front and back seats, much more so than in a normal sedan of that size. A big part of that was because of the roof being all glass.

The steering wheel, also, is different from the norm, in more of a “kidney bean shape.”

The seats were heavily bolstered, sporty, high-end seats that you wouldn’t expect on a car of that price, according to Roger and Matt.

After running down everything in a quick summary, reflecting on the broad story, and dropping notes on a few more details, Kyle and Matt Coke back to the beginning — the fact that Elon Musk and Tesla got over 100,000 people to put down $1,000 each knowing almost nothing about this car. In the end, the story is: Elon Musk is gangsta… and I’m not talking about a Brazilian police mob boss. That’s actually a scientific observation from Matt Pressman of EVANNEX right after his ride in a Tesla Model 3 (when “scientific observations” = “brilliant joke”).


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  • ev

    Great article. What will the impact be on Bolt sales? Will Bolt’s first-to-market availability help offset the phenomenal (artful) preloading of Model 3 demand? Time will tell…

  • wattleberry

    One or two thoughts. That display is so prominent-does it have an item for the car behind ‘If you can read this you’re too close ‘? The comparison with the Bolt-the Tesla looks bigger, maybe a class up. Is it? That painted front panel reminds us of the other function of the grille, resisting stone etc. chips. Perhaps it’ll be stoved.
    Enjoyed your videos, felt I was there with you. Thanks.

    • Bob_Wallace

      “If you can ….”, no. But there’s the squid ink option….

      • wattleberry

        Don’t you mean the sick squid option for the UK? What about the Bolt size and grilled chips? Still working on them? Don’t worry, no hurry.

  • J.H.


  • Sietse Maat

    Mission accomplished ! EV are mainstream now. Sell Tesla to Toyota or another major brand. They can produce faster and Elon can continue with a new groundbreaking project

    • Bob_Wallace

      Bad idea.

      Tesla would be a very minor division of one of the large vehicle manufacturers and probably would not get the support it would need to keep succeeding.

      Best to leave Tesla alone. The flea is dragging the elephant.

  • baxtus

    High Demand for the Tesla Model 3: OVER 9000!

    Sorry, had to do it

  • Martin

    Now if we look at it this way:
    A number of companies make a similar product, advertise it and sell it.
    A new company comes along with a better (and do almost no advertising, well the customers do it for them) but similar product, and people WANT it.

    What does that say about market know how from the other companies?

    Now next question, how many (other) good looking EV’s will be for sale within the next 2 years?

    And more importantly, what will this do to gasoline use (taking into account that the US and the world hits new record highs in storage about every week)?

    • neroden

      This will reduce gasoline use by just enough to hold the price down for years and drive all the high-cost drillers bankrupt. Actually it should drive all new drilling out of business.

  • phineasjw

    Good stuff! BTW, Musk just had a massive Twitter AMA where he answered a wide range of questions — https://twitter.com/elonmusk/with_replies

    Some tidbits include:

    – AWD version will be under $5K over the base model

    – AWD version will be much faster than the prototype

    – The real steering wheels and controls will feel like a spaceship

    – They’re hoping for a drag coefficient of .21

    • Pobrecito hablador

      If only they could use cameras instead of side mirrors…

    • Bob_Wallace

      Something smart being done. Initial deliveries will be close to the factory in case any problems turn up that testing missed. Easier to get the cars back in to fix.

    • RobertM

      I am following his Twits as well.

      I don’t see where he says anything about the AWD cost.

    • Yup. AWD, Autopilot and Supercharger are my minimum upgrades.

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