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Published on April 4th, 2016 | by Kyle Field


Tesla Model 3 — Exclusive Test Track Photos

April 4th, 2016 by  

At the Model 3 reveal event on Thursday, March 31st, the mainstream media and general attendees stuck to the confines of the event property where they ate the message Tesla was serving up, and let’s be clear — it was a great message. They eagerly drank in the presentation and the admittedly beautifully lit Model 3 on stage just like we did… but we wanted more. Not just a ride in the car around the track or some stock photos… we wanted to capture the Model 3 in action, moving and dynamic… so that’s what we did.

When the lights went down after the big presentation, everyone eagerly awaited their turn for a test ride (where a Tesla employee would drive the occupants around in the star of the show — the Model 3 — or a Model S or X). Most of the drivers were engineers or designers, but several attendees reported that CTO J.B. Straubel snuck into the action to drive a few sets of lucky guests around on the track.

Outside the event, we squirmed and wriggled our way onto the the test track and drank in the amazing sights of the two Model 3s, the two Model Xs, and the one Model S Tesla had setup for test rides from a wide variety of positions and angles. Zach posted the video of the Model 3 gliding silently around the track with the occasional punctuating puff from the nearby smoke machines, and I’m thrilled to share with you now some of the photos I captured.

Below are not just the most crisp pictures snapped in the crazy lights of the track but more than that — these are the pictures that we felt really capture the personality of the Model 3. The dance floor lighting serves to accentuate the angles, lines, and curves of the car, showing off the car in beautiful ways. The Model 3 looks like a hatchback, a Porsche, a Lexus, a Model S, and even a Model X depending on the angle.

Browse through the collection, call out and defend your favorite features of the car… or pick up your troll stick and call out the uglies. For me, I’m really digging the front end and the panoramic glass — especially after our test drive of the Model X today in Santa Barbara. Stay tuned for a review of that in the next few days. Oh… and please, don’t drool on the keyboard! 🙂

mod3_return mod3_red_sidelines mod3_rear_silver mod3_mysterious mod3_matte_blur Mod3_dark_silver(1) mod3_driveway mod3_front_quarter_ mod3_intothe_smoke mod3_lighting_silver Mod3_dark_silver mod3_crisp_side mod3_black_zoomzoom mod3_black_rear2 matte_close mod3_black_front mod3_black_mattttte mod3_black_rear mod3_return2 mod3_front_fascia mod3_launch mod3_rear_farmod3_shine mod3_rear_far mod3_shiny_rear mod3_side_lines mod3_silver_clear mod3_silver_crisp mod3_silver_darkish mod3_silver_front mod3_silver_interior mod3_silver_rear5 mod3_silver_smoke mod3_silver_smokyasdasdf mod3_silver_speeding mod3_silver_zoomzoom mod3_silver mod3_silver123123 mod3_silverrrrr mod3_silverturne mod3_tooclose mod3_turnin mod3_turn_cones mod3_whole mod3)entrance mod333333 model3_black model3_black_silver model3_black_front model3_black_back model3_approach model3_matte_black model3_matte_black2 Model3_matte model3_nose model3_rear_3quarter model3_rear model3_silver_front model3_silver_rear_quarter model3_smoke model3_silver model3_silver_speed model3_silver_return model3_silver_rear

In addition to the test track pics, here are a few pics from inside the unveiling event that I took as well:







20 Minutes of Tesla Model 3 & Tesla Model X External Video Footage, & 5 Things I Love About The Model 3 (Exclusive Video)

Tesla Model 3 Test Track Video (#CleanTechnica Exclusive From Unveiling Night, Abridged)

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  • jfreed27

    i MUCH prefer the grill of the model X over the model 3. That much I am very clear about.

  • some of these are named mod3_position when they’re actually modS_position btw

  • Kyle, you don’t have any more pictures? I feel short-changed. lol (kidding)

  • A_T_T

    I hope they keep the front end.
    What I find disheartening is that people are criticizing all the features that make the car unique.
    Why must it look like a Camry?

    • lol. i know. 😀 no doubt in my mind Tesla will keep the nose clean, tho


    2 Times Model S in the Pictures 😀

  • Rikaishi Rikashi

    Fourth picture is the best.

    I personally like the nose. It makes the front look like a bullet.

    In some angles, the Model 3 looks like it belongs in a James Bond movie.

  • Karsten Berg

    Model 3 is the logic third evolution of Teslas rEVolution, full of performance and state of the art, like a dart for other competitors. Details will be polished by Franz von Holzhausen.

  • oic

    when I look at model s vs model 3. I see no reason to buy model s even if I had the money. Model 3 just look so much better than model s

    • TomK

      Exactly the opposite for me – if I had the money (and a larger garage), I’d own a Model S already. But I don’t, so I’m happily waiting for my sexy enough Model 3…

    • I fully agree. Also prefer smaller cars though.

      And so eager to see what autopilot will be by then!

  • Bob_Wallace

    If you’re going to do more of this low light stuff then you need to get a Nikon D5. It will take usable images at ISO 3,280,000.


    I remember getting excited when Kodachrome 64 (ISO 64) came out….

    • Kyle Field

      Thanks Bob, I knew I was underequipped but did the best I could with what I had. On top of that, the D5 is in a statospheric price bracket compared to my Canon T3i

      • Bob_Wallace

        Just take the money out of Zach’s petty cash fund…. ;o)

        • Kyle Field

          I think Zach has another use for that fund…keep an eye out for an article in the next few days and you’ll see what I mean 😀

    • Thanks for the tip.

      Yeah, we were concerned, but I was so happy Kyle was there because mine would have been many times worse. And photos turned out better than we expected. (Video too, which I thought would be crap.)

      That is a hefty price tag… but hope we can get there by the time we have another event like this (1.5. years from now?).

    • Hey, but wait a sec, you probably have such a camera, no? So if we could just get you to certain events…. (not even 10% joking, btw).

    • A_T_T

      Some journalists said that cameras were banned (i.e. only cell phone pictures were allowed)

      • we were the only two people on the test track — hence the reason you don’t see other pics like this out there.

  • Joffan

    Spot the photobomb by SpaceX pick up truck 🙂

  • omar

    “Model S sales have flattened, and Model X is turning into a disappointment, and now nothing is going to happen until the Model 3 comes out — probably not until mid- to late-2018,” said hedge fund manager Mark Spiegel of Stanphyl Capital Management.

    Given the fourth-quarter losses, Spiegel said, the success of the Model 3 may not even help Tesla’s bottom line. The company sold more cars than ever but experienced greater losses than ever.

    “The Model 3 will not save the company,” Spiegel said. “The Model 3 is going to speed up the end of the company.”

    Any one knows who is Mark Spiegel and how relevant his speach ?

    • Haha, it’s nonsense. The same crappy short pitch that we’ve seen since 2008 or so. 😀 Never ending, it seems. 😀

    • Bob_Wallace

      Mark has built a hefty reputation as a distributor of Tesla FUD.

      IIRC he posts on Seeking Alpha as “Logical Thought” and is frequently accused of short selling Tesla, then posting misinformation in an attempt to create a drop in stock prices so that he can cash in.

      • Rikaishi Rikashi

        Oh THAT guy. Yeah some of the shorts on SA are amazingly obtuse. They seem fond of lumping Teslas product development and investment costs in with the cost of producing it’s current products, and thus claim that Tesla can not make cars profitably. It’s complete BS since of course they would be profitable if they just sat on their laurels and stopped ramping production, but demanding they do so is just doing the work of oil barons.

        The sad thing is his prediction may have the appearance of being validated if the accelerated ramp to meet model 3 demand causes Tesla to miss it’s profit guidance for 2016. I can see him saying “I told you so” even if he was completely wrong about the reasons.

      • he’s not accused of being short, he admits it, claims to have made money too

  • Kyle Field

    Let’s play spot the impostor 😀 Which one is not like the others?

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