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Norway’s Rocket Growth In Electric Car Sales (Chart)

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Following up on the European EV market share charts I just shared a few moments ago, here’s one more great one, which came from a presentation by Francisco Carranza Sierra, Manager of Corporate Planning at Nissan Europe, at EVS27 (adding on to the two I already shared here and the extended summary of and commentary on his presentation here).

Norway EV market share

Why was Norway compared to France? Because France was the European EV sales leader in 2012. Also, FYI, data above are not for the full year of 2013, but for most of the year.

Again, for info on why EV market share in Norway has taken off so much, read this popular post and this one on the high cost of gasoline and diesel cars in Norway.

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  • Oystein Lande

    And the Norwegian trend continues:
    Januar 2014:
    New electric cars= 1099 = 9,7% of new car sales for the month. Total market
    share =2,9%

    2014: New electric cars = 1385 = 12,3% of new car sales for the month. Total
    market share= 3,0%

    With the new BMW I-3, VW E-up and other newcomers the exponential curve will continue…

    • Thanks, I didn’t see total sales yet on the site I normally use for that.

    • And, yes, I’m very curious to see how the i3, e-Up!, and e-Golf do.

  • Russell

    Is that percentage of cars on the road or new car sales? I am guessing new car sales

    • Matt

      12% Of Car Sales Were Electric Car Sales In Norway In November

      But even if it is sales, that is fine to.

      • patb2009

        doesn’t matter, average lifetime of a car is 7 years.

    • Must be new car sales. I hear that the country has just passed 1% of all cars on the road being electric. (Story coming. :D)

      • Bernard Finucane

        If cars stay on the road about 10 years, then new car sales per year are about a tenth of the fleet. If electric car sales are (suddenly) a tenth of new car sales, then electric cars must be about 1% of the fleet.

  • Matt

    A doubling of market penetration each year! 2011(1), 2012(2), 2013(4), 8, 16, 32, 2017(64). Yes it likely slow some in out years, but you go Norway! But we already know the more you see a EV, the more likely you are to buy one. And if you know someone who owns one, again the likelihood of buying goes up.

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