Powering Island Communities in Fiji with Xendee & Arizona State University

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA—Xendee Corporation, the leading distributed energy system and electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging design and operation platform, is excited to announce its role as a partner in an international project led by Arizona State University (ASU) aimed at bringing electricity access and sustainable energy to remote communities in Fiji … [continued]

Microgrid Design & Cost Options

  Microgrids are amazing. On a microscale (my house, for instance), a microgrid is simple — solar feeds a battery which powers my house when there’s no sun. It would get challenged to do more than that. But “more than that” is what larger scale microgrids need. Control systems, multiple … [continued]

Microgrids As A Service

Microgrids are more and more popular every year. They offer tremendous benefits in terms of energy security, resilience, and energy independence. Though, our concept of a microgrid and how you put one together are probably far too simplistic, as I discovered recently when interviewing Michael Stadler, co-founder and CTO of … [continued]